Daydreaming of Italy

Last June, one of my besties, Geeky, went on an amazing trip with her husband to Italy. They started by looking for a nice hotel online and it spiraled into the trip of a lifetime. When she got back, I couldn’t stop thinking about how great it will be to one day travel with Match. We’ve never had a true honeymoon, and Venice would be the perfect place to spend a romantic vacation together. I’ve always wanted to take a trip down the canals on a gondola ride, or walk across the bridges overlooking the water.

With our little one on the way, I know a European vacation isn’t exactly in the cards anytime soon. But hopefully someday, perhaps for our 5 year wedding anniversary! Though I do have a friend who went on a family vacation with their two year old, and it was a blast. She said she would recommend taking a smaller child, when they’re not running around on their own, so we could possibly do a family trip before Piglet starts walking and getting too mobile. What was it you said recently dear readers? Travel with babies early?

My inlaws have been talking about taking a family trip to Europe for my father-in-law’s 60th birthday next year. Traveling overseas with the grandparents to help out with Piglet would make the trip a lot less overwhelming. It would give Match and I the chance to sneak off and squeeze in a romantic boat ride, or explore museums without the little one in tow. I never traveled when I was younger, and that’s probably why I never got the traveling bug as I grew up. I would love the opportunity to do that for Piglet, and expose him to other cultures from a young age. And if Sarah Kate can handle moving her entire life to London with her family, surely we can handle a small trip. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if we stopped in to say hello! 😉

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    Oh how I would love to travel to anywhere in Europe! I have no advice on traveling with a little one, but I think going with your IL’s sounds like a good plan 🙂

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