Stocking Up the Freezer

Rex: “Oh come on, I’m staying at a motel, I haven’t had a decent meal in weeks.”
Bree: “Honey, the marriage counseling may not work out, you need to get used to bad cooking.” -Desperate Housewives

With our little Piglet due to arrive in less than 7 weeks (eek!) I’ve been busy trying to prepare our home for sleepless nights. One big piece of advice I was given was to stock up the freezer and pantry with quick and easy meals. I’ve been looking for crock pot recipes that I can cook up and then freeze for after the baby is born. I’ve also been looking for pasta recipes that are simple to make, and stocking up the pantry with non-perishables so I’m not making delirious trips to the grocery store on only two hours of sleep.

I was able to find this article on the Parenting Squad with some easy recipes that I hope to start cooking up. Now if only I could get a little bit of energy to get the cooking and stocking up done. Otherwise we might just be stuck ordering takeout for the first 6 weeks, and that is not going to be good for my waistline!

For all the been there done that moms, did you make ahead any meals before you went into labor? If so please share recipes and what worked for you. Also, please feel free to share any other preparation advice you have, or things you wish you’d done before the big day. And don’t say sleep, because I’m not a sleep camel. I cannot save up sleep! Though I am enjoying the rest while I’m able to. 😉



    I made up lasagna and beef enchiladas before we had Bruiser. It was nice to have meals that just needed thawing and throwing in the oven.
    There are tons of recipes out there for freezer to crock pot meals. So convenient and easy.
    As for prep work, I didn’t get much chance as both mine came two weeks early. Turbo was a particular surprise. I say remember to pack toiletries for you in the hospital bag. Somehow this got over looked both times and Nick had to make the run home for stuff for me.


    Awwww, wish that I could give you some advice but alas, I got nothing 🙂 That being said, I think it’s really smart that you are prepping as soon as you can with non-perishables and easy, make-at-home meals. I have a feeling you’ll be grateful for it later!


    He will sleep all the time at first. The hard part starts when they become mobile.


    Thankfully we had lots of friends and family bring meals the first 8 weeks, which was a huge help. I also ordered pizza once a week and ate on it for several meals.

    As for freezing meals, my favorites to freeze are chicken tortilla soup, chili, and chicken enchilada casserole (I bake it and then cut it into individual portion sizes, wrap in wax paper, then store in freezer bags). Spaghetti meat sauce also freezes really well.

    Another easy crockpot dish is to dump a bottle of barbecue sauce over 4 uncooked chicken breasts and let cook on high for a few hours, then shred the chicken, and you can make sandwiches, put on a salad, etc.

    Good luck!

    Janette @

    If I lived closer I would totally have a dinner or a few of them made for you when you bring Piglet home. I was not a very good eater after my births– mostly b/c I was still craving all of the bad stuff! Ice cream and cake… which actually sounds really good right now.

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