30 Weeks Preggo and the Spins

Jaq[singing] She go around in circles ’till she very, very dizzy
Still they holler…Mice[singing] Keep-a busy, Cinderelly! -Cinderella

30 Weeks Pregnant: dategirldiaries.com

  • Wow, 30 weeks. Only 10 weeks til my due date. I am so incredibly grateful to be this far along. I’m also getting more and more excited about meeting our little boy soon! That said, there is still so much to do. I’ve been running around here like crazy getting the house ready for the baby shower, which is just 9 days away!
  • Last week I painted the nursery ceiling fan. Here’s a quick before and after. I love the way it turned out!

ceiling fan before: dategirldiaries.comceiling fan after: dategirldiaries.com

  • Tuesday I was out running errands when I had a really scary thing happen. I got super dizzy, my vision blurred and it was if everything around me was spinning super fast. I was so lucky that I happened to be stopped at a red light when it happened. My vision cleared by the time the light turned green, and I was able to pull over safely. I called my hospital, and the advice nurse ended up determining that I was fine and that it was a normal pregnancy symptom. That didn’t make it any less scary! I’m just so grateful I wasn’t on the freeway.
  • I emailed my Dr. and he thinks I have pretty low blood pressure, which is common, or possibly an inner ear issue. The next day I woke up with a sore throat and cold symptoms, so it’s possible that’s why I had the dizzy spell. I’ve had a few more since, but not nearly as bad. I’ve been taking it easy, scaled back on my commitments, and hoping to feel better fast. The cold is now raging, and I’m hoping today was the peak of my symptoms. The dizziness has gone way down, thank goodness!
  • In happier news, our car seat arrived yesterday! It makes everything seem that much more real. I am so happy that we were able to get the Britax B-Safe that we wanted. It’s such good quality and looks really sturdy and safe.


  • Only 6 more progesterone shots left! My backside will be so happy to be done with them. 😉 After that we’ll see when he’ll decide to make an appearance. I cannot wait to kiss his sweet face!




    You’re looking so great! The fan looks really good painted white, great job!
    How scary about the dizzy spell! I have a friend who’s pregnant also (she’s…15 weeks or so I think) and she’s had some dizziness issues as well. That doesn’t sound so pleasant! Hope your cold goes away soon!


    amazing… only 10 more weeks… even with your cold, you look great! and i love the big ole baby belly!!!

    the fan looks great! you are so good with taking old and making it look all new and fresh. you must watch a lot of hgtv, hahaha.

    ack. i’m sorry abou the dizzy spells but i’m glad that it was decided that it was a preggo issue… i hope they don’t continue!!

    continue to feel well! hugs from the ec!!

    love jenny xoxo

    It sucks that you are sick 🙁 But I couldnt have told from the picture, you look great! My hubby is sick right now and I’ve trying my best to stay healthy. And the fan looks so much better white!!

    Meghan Furst

    My bedroom fan looks like the white one that you now have – I wish I had the look of your “old” fan. What do I know? I’m old. Lol.

    Sorry about your dizzy spells. That is soo scary. My Sissy had them when she was preggo. No thank you. You look great & I’m no longer worried about you. You can go have that kiddo any ole time now. 😉

    elle sees

    you’re getting there!

    Sarah Shumate

    Yikes. I don’t remember blurred vision and dizziness being a normal pregnancy symptom! You be careful, lady!

    Even with a cold, you look absolutely adorable in that photo!


    Amazing what a little paint can do– totally makes it look way more up to date!

    And that would be scary with that dizzy spell, glad you were stopped when it happened.

    Janette @ www.thejohansonjourney.com

    YAY! I know you were anxious to get your car seat and now you have it!! What a relief!! Fingers crossed for the stroller you’ve been talking about too! You are the busiest pregnant gal I have ever known! hah!


    I can’t believe how close you are to meeting your little boy!!!

    Also, that’s so scary that dizziness is a side effect of pregnancy. THANK GOD you were stopped at a light and do be careful!!!! XOXO

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