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Emmymom tagged me in Old School Bloggin’ style and I’m so glad, because I didn’t have much to report this week. I’ve just been getting the house ready for my baby shower (Tminus 11 days if you’re reading this Tuesday!) and keeping super busy with church activities. I sang my first solo at the church last week, and if I can figure out a way to edit the video archive posted on their site to just my song, I’ll try to share it with ya’ll. I’m in my 30th week of pregnancy, and I’m LOVING Piglet’s gymnastics routine. I’m also puppy sitting this week, and I have a million things on my to do list. But enough about the boring mundane stuff, it’s time to answer questions:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Wow, 10 years ago I had just moved in with the guy I was convinced I was going to marry-Flame Boy. I was commuting to San Francisco State from Napa every day, and it was sort of hell. Moving in with him was a terrible decision, and one I would later regret hugely. I don’t miss that time in my life, but man do I miss this figure!!

old school DG

Oh, and that terrible faux fur lined jacket? You guessed it, my Ididn’tknowhewasgaybutshouldhaveseenit boyfriend picked it out for me. I’m also leaning against his flame painted mustang. Red flag much?

What 5 Things are on your to do list? (just 5? My list is a mile long, but this is just some of the stuff I need to do this week)
1. Make thank you card for my baby shower hostess Geeky
2. Make height chart for nursery
3. Learn my alto part for the Hallalejah chorus by Easter Sunday (not much time left!)
4. Attend the breast feeding class put on by my hospital and hopefully learn something useful
5. Remove all window coverings from downstairs windows Thurs in preparation for our new windows to be installed Friday!!!

What are 5 snacks you enjoy
1. Turkey jerky
2. Wasabi peas
3. Chips and salsa
4. Dried mango slices
5. Apple slices and peanut butter

Name Some Things You would do if you were a millionaire?
Definitely buy my digital SLR! Buy a house in the country with property, so Match would be happy and so I could get some chickens. Pay off all debt, and then pay off both sets of parents’ debt, and pay for the best divorce lawyer money can buy for my brother’s divorce so that poor guy can move on with his life and get rid of that adulterous beezy once and for all. Set up a college fund for Piglet, invest, and then go on a long overdue vacation with Match. I’m thinking tropical island, after I can drink again, and when I’m ready for a babysitter. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and a personal trainer to get my body back in pre-pregnancy shape first. πŸ˜‰

Name some places you have lived
Oregon, California

Name some bad habits you have
I’m a very sloppy eater. I always have to remind myself of table manners when I go out in public.
I am pretty addicted to the internet. I connect first thing in the morning, and I am connected all throughout the day. I try to stay off the computer when Match is home, and I hope to spend less time online when my little guy gets here.

Name some jobs you have had:
cashier at a Kayak shop, candy bagger, Petco animal specialist, Marine World Education guide, Veterinary Technician, Project Manager of a wine testing lab, IT Support Helpdesk Specialist, Freelance Writer. Man I’ve had bunch of random jobs!

Well that was fun, and thank you Emmy for giving me something to write about this week!

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    love jenny xoxo

    I feel like I know you better already! I’m excited to see your height chart, those blocks were impressive, you’ve got a lot of talent! In a lot of different areas too, by the looks of all your different jobs!



    We all make mistakes with college boys… Mine was similarly spectacular.

    Impulsive Addict

    Wasabi peas are HORRIBLE! M loves wasabi on his sushi….like the whole green glob! I like a tiny bit. I’m not a huge fan but I DO like a little spice in my life so I use it but the peas are nasty!!! LOL

    A solo at church? You go girl! I haven’t done that since I was a mouthy teenager.

    Why new windows? I love all your make-over projects! It’s like getting a new house!

    30 weeks already? Dude! Time has flown. Drew is almost 5 months old. How did that happen?

    Thanks for linking up!!! xoxo


    Dried Mango slices are awesome. I don’t get them often enough.
    New windows are fun. We sure do love ours.
    Have fun at your shower! Time keeps ticking away fast doesn’t it?

    Seriously Shawn

    I’m lovin’ the faux fur jacket! 10 years ago it was totally fine to wear that, we always look back and think what the heck!

    Project manager at a wine tasting lab, sounds like a dream job to me! Oh, it was a testing lab, still cool though.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    Janette @

    Your list of things to do is crazy and now I feel like I need to make a list of things to do b/c I am so behind on everything. I think that pic of you from 10 years ago is cute! I’ve smacked myself over a lot of decisions I made back then too. You’re gonna rock the singing this Easter Sunday!! I’m impressed!! I had no idea you could sing!!


    I think its awesome you sing in the choir! I used to be in choir in school, but I’m seriously out of practice and makes me sad!

    Also, new windows! Awesome!!


    Ah, such fun answers!!
    I have a friend that could commiserate with you on the whole “Flame Boy” issue… lol
    I’d love to see the video of your solo!! Way to go!! πŸ™‚


    Love apples and peanut butter and soooo addicted to the internet, but definitely not as much now that we have E, mostly just surf via phone now.


    Lol I was totally think- wow she has had a lot of random jobs and then you said it. πŸ™‚ So how long were you living with your boyfriend before he came out that he was gay or did it happen after you broke up? That would be a very strange situation.

    We both have cameras first on our lists πŸ™‚ Very fun to read this post, glad you played along.


    Ok dumb question, was he really gay?

    And yes, lots of different jobs for a very well rounded woman! πŸ™‚


    Awww, what a cute picture!

    I didn’t know you could SANG?! The things I learn! Also, apples and peanut butter = a favorite snack for me, too πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the tag; I’ll have my answers up tomorrow (thank god, because as you know, I’m dealing with a bit of writer’s block).



    thanks for tagging me! i posted my answers yesterday πŸ™‚


    He was gay?! Have you blogged about this? I might wanna read about that. LOL

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