TTUT-10 Things to Smile About-February

Dr. House: I scammed you into doing the dishes, I made you sit on the steps, I didn’t kill your puppy. I did not make you miserable.
Dr. Wilson: Oh, so this is therapy?
Dr. House: No it just… makes me smile.
Dr. Wilson: All right, I’m finding a new place tomorrow.
Dr. House: Right, but not tonight.
Dr. Wilson: Well, I figure you wanna shave my eyebrows while I’m asleep— I wouldn’t wanna deprive you of that last smile. -House

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

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1. Baby kicks! They wake me up every morning and guarantee I will start my day with a smile. He also likes to give me soft jabs right before bedtime, so as I’m drifting off to sleep, he’s reminding me that he’s doing just fine in there. I also love that Match is consistently feeling him too. The kicks are getting harder and unmistakable! 2010-04-18

2. Monkey sharing his bed with Fluff. puppycuddles

Are they not just the cutest? I love how she just sauntered over to his bed to cuddle with him. I’m not sure he would have let an older dog do as much . I love how patient he is with the little pup when she visits. It bodes well for Piglet (at least I hope it does!) and hopefully he’ll have lots of patience with him too.

3. My new smartphone. Yep, I finally caved and got another smartphone, after going almost 2 years without one. It’s a refurb, and it was only 99 cents! I couldn’t pass up a deal that good.  Since having it back I’ve been a lot better about not letting it suck away all my attention. I scored this really cute case for it for cheap too. How cute is the black and pink?


4. Match cuddling on Geeky’s couch with her humongous dog Horse. I love that Horse still thinks he’s a lapdog. P1070871

5. My new drink holder. 🙂 I’ve been waiting to get big enough to do this trick for awhile. I’m pretty sure Match is going to want me to hold his beers from now on. 😉


6. Hanging with most of The Group for game night. Every time I get together with them, I’m reminded of how much I love this crazy crew. There have been talks of an adult prom in the works for either late this year or early next. I really hope it happens because with this group it’s guaranteed to be a good time. P1070922

7. This picture, and not just because it’s a nice one of me and Match. It makes me smile because when I posted it on Facebook, it prompted my cousin’s girlfriend to comment, “Damnn girl, check out those baby feeders!” It makes me laugh whenever I think about it. As a solid A cup pre-pregnancy, I have to admit, it is good sporting these “baby feeders”. P1070892

8. This beautiful weather, and being able to get out and enjoy it. I might sound like a broken record, but I just can’t even tell you how grateful I am that I get to be so active this pregnancy. Match, Monkey and I went on an hour and a half long walk in the park last week, and I felt so strong! It was incredible. IMAG0016

9. Watching Monkey smile when we take him on walks. Who says animals don’t feel emotion? That is one happy pup right there.


10. Seeing this face at my Dr. appointment yesterday put a big smile on my face.  Forgive the quality of the picture, but if you look close you can see that he has Daddy’s chin.




    I can’t wait for this baby to really start kicking. My boys are so anxious to feel it and they keep asking where exactly in my belly the baby is. LOL.

    Seriously Shawn

    You look radiant my dear! I remember feeling the kicks and loving it until Peanut decided to do a rendition of River Dance using all of my organs as her dance floor. That kid has known only one speed since conception!

    Thanks for linking up with us, you know we lobe ya!


    I LOVE baby kicks!! So many people complain about em but I wanted more!

    Julias Math

    enjoy the preggo boobs because after it’s all over, they are smaller than EVAH! (However, in good news, they don’t have to stay that way…)


    Awe, who doesn’t like a big lap dog?! My lab still thinks she can fit in my lap :). And I love the drink holder!


    He does have his dad’s chin!

    I love how you can see a baby’s features on ultrasounds these days. We could tell that Rory looked just like Dain in the womb.


    uch, don’t you just love the furkids?! i love it when my pup smiles at me. they for sure have emotions…

    as for picture #7, i have to admit, when i looked then read, i thought damn, those are huge! hahaha. i said the same thing to a friend of mine who is also preggers. and she said her sister said the same thing. it’s a funny thing!

    #10 is by far the best reason to smile 😀


    Love love your list!! And yes enjoy the big baby feeders– they will never be quite as wonderful and if you are like me even worse and smaller than they began before the whole thing. Love the drink trick.

    And yes horse dog makes a very big lap dog 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up!

    Connie Weiss

    I love giant dogs that think they are lap dogs!

    Great baby pic.


    So cute that you can already tell the babes has daddy’s chin! I remember the first time I saw a baby that looked just like his ultrasound pic – my Godson, Cowan. When I held him the first time, I was like, “I already know you…” he looked so much like the baby I saw in the ultrasound. A very cool (and surreal!) experience!!


    That is just an incredible ultrasound. And I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling so great, surrounding yourself with love and light at every opportunity… you are just radiant 🙂 This post makes me incredibly happy for you, my sweet one. I can’t wait to welcome your newest addition to this world!

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