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Lilith: You should be decorating professionally.
Norm: Doing you folks a favor is one thing. Anymore of this interior decorating junk could really eat into my reputation as a lazy, beer-guzzling lump of mashed potatoes.
Frasier: But Norm, you have a gift.
Norm: A gift? Try a curse, pal. I spent my whole damn life trying to cover up the fact that I have a great sense of color and I always know where to put the ottoman. -Cheers

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

Alright readers, I need some help. We have this beautiful great room that is a living room/dining room combo with big vaulted ceilings. The problem is I’m left with this big expanse of wall that desperately needs decorating.

I was thinking of painting a triptych (3 canvases for one painting) and centering that in the middle of the wall, and  getting rid of the photograph on the left.



I would LOVE your suggestions on what I can do for this wall;  I just need a little inspiration. I wish I could afford to go out and buy some amazing piece of artwork, but for now I’m going to need to go the DIY route. Point me to links, photos, ideas, you name it, I’m interested. Help me figure out how to make this room work!




    Sarah Shumate

    Hmmm…unless those canvases are enormous, I still don’t think you’ll get the balance you need. I really like the idea of the triptych, but I think you need something else, too. I think if it were me, I’d buy a really large mirror with a cool frame and put it on the wall where the dining table is, then do the triptych for the living room side. That way you’ve designated two different spaces, but they’re still balanced. Don’t worry, if you don’t take my advice, my feelings won’t be hurt. ;o) I’d love to see your finished triptych. A friend of mine just finished one that is a tree on four different canvases, going up her stairs. It looks really amazing!


    I really love the triptych idea! Also something I’ve seen done that I really like is framed wallpaper pieces. Those are pretty inexpensive to do yourself I think. There is an example of it in this link I found that also has some other cool ideas too!


    walls like that are so hard to decorate, especially if they don’t have a piece of furnature on them. i do like the idea of your different canvases (i actually have that in my living room which is a big wall–target had a series of pictures that i bought–i think they were like $15 each). i also like the idea of trying to differentiate the 2 different rooms per sarah. i look forward to seeing how you tackle this project. and perhaps gain ideas from you 🙂


    Oh I like what Sarah said! And yes it is a big space so needs more than one thing. So do what Sarah said 🙂


    One word; wainscoting. That would look so classy there, and then maybe put one of two smaller pics up high. This DIY is pretty inspirational:

    Or, this is pretty cool, too, and probably wouldn’t be too hard:

    love jenny xoxo

    I think since it’s a living room and dining room, maybe two different pieces would look nice – and I’m a big fan of mirrors. Also, if the room is large enough, maybe some thing like a couch or sectional in the middle of the room (instead of the chair) to separate the spaces?

    {love jenny xoxo}


    Think bigger. The scale of the hangings needs to be on scale with the wall. I would suggest a collage type assortment of various sizes. Put the biggest in the middle of the wall and work outward. I have done this before with old 12 calendars (the picture side). The dollar store sells cheapie frames in different size and different materials to make it interesting. Pick a theme- waterfalls,babies, mountains, whatever and go fro there.


    I like the idea of differentiating the two areas. I’m not really the one to ask, as I have about zero decorating sense.


    Tryptichs are awesome so that’s a fantastic idea…but I’d do something on the dining side and something on the living side.
    OR you could get a nice sized buffet and put it on the wall there near the middle and a big mirror or something over it that ties them together. Maybe. I don’t know. 😀


    A triptych would definitely be nice, as long as they are nice big canvases! I also love big wall collages of photos surrounding your family name or a quote (with Piglet on the way that might be an idea!!) – such a nice big space to fill, I’m sure you’ll come up with something awesome. 🙂

    Julie Maloney (@Momspective)

    I’m curious to find out what you decide because I am in a similar situation and I’m wondering what I should do as well. My husband wants to put a giant fish tank there.

    Janette @

    I personally need to see the entire room to get a good idea of how to help but– from this image– I think…. I would take the couch and put it on the opposite side to close off the dining area from the living area and help divide the room up- then I would add a huge rug in front of the couch to put your living room table on and add a picture (your painted canvas’) for that area that goes with the rug and curtains. Then, I would tackle the dining room space as a complimentary room to the living space and think that perhaps getting a bunch of square mirrors and putting them in some sortof of a shape together to make the space feel bigger and open.

    Sue @ limefreckle

    I think you definitely need to do something to divide these 2 spaces…..and some rugs would really warm it up, in both areas, 2 complementary or even matching would be great. I’d have to see the whole room, but maybe flip the couch so that it divides the living area from the dining….and maybe put a low bookshelf behind the couch (ikea has some great ones) to anchor it. it would also double as a spot to place things if need be, it doesn’t look like you have buffet in that room. A big mirror in the dining area is a great idea….and something else in the living….2 big frames filled with fabric or wallpaper would be a cheap way to do it. I wouldn’t put too many small things on the wall, but rather 3 large pieces. Just my 2 cents!


    I love the idea of putting a triptych here. I found this one in particular that I think could work!

    Can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂 Maybe even a little rug under the coffee table might change the look and separate the two spaces? YAY for new decorating projects! You always inspire me to start doing some things around here, too 🙂

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