TTUT-Preggos Don’t Get Out of Tickets

Officer Debbie: License and registration.
Kelso: Yeah, just give me a sec here. My wallet gets stuck ‘cause I’ve been workin’ out. My leg muscles are huge. Oh boy. By the way, I can bench about 220 so that’d be about – two of you little lady.
Officer Debbie: What’s your name?
Fez: Oh my name is Fez, but I have a girlfriend so you need to cool it little girl.
Officer Debbie: Yeah, I’ll try. Okay Mr. Kelso, I’m gonna issue you a citation. [gives Kelso a ticket] You were driving too fast speeding on one of your teen service trips.
Kelso: Wooh, a citation for bein’ too foxy in a school zone.
Officer Debbie: No. A citation for 64 dollars. Bench press that. -That 70’s Show

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

  • I got a ticket this past Saturday for not using a hands free device while driving. I guess being pregnant and cute don’t mean squat these days. 🙁 I also thought the officer would run my plates and see that my husband is a sheriff deputy, but apparently CHP doesn’t do that. So to any other law enforcement wives, it probably wouldn’t hurt to mention being married to a cop. Here I thought if I was just humble and honest he’d let me go with a warning…
  • WRONG! Not only is my ticket for a lot of cash, $166 to be exact, but it’s the SAME as if I were texting. I’m sorry, but texting while driving is so much worse! It wasn’t like I was dialing. I had the phone to my ear and my eyes on the road!
  • I felt a lot of guilt about the ticket because I don’t have my own official income. I do make some side money with online stuff, but  it’s not consistent. Match says our money is shared, and I know that. But there’s a part of me that just feels so bad about wasted money.  It could have been completely preventable if I’d have just waited to answer my phone.
  • Ironically the reason I don’t have a hands free is because my cell phone is older than dirt. I’ve been waiting to upgrade to a smart phone because I wanted to save us money. So again lesson learned, and I’m finally getting a smart phone AND a headset. I feel guilty about that too, but I’m sure it will come in handy, especially when Piglet gets here.
  • I may have cried big ugly alligator tears after the cop drove off. I was so worried that Match would be mad at me. He wasn’t mad, he just thought it was funny that I didn’t try to get out of the ticket or name drop. I told him I was too nervous and I was a little afraid I was going to pee my pants just from the anxiety of the situation. Not to mention a terrible case of pregnancy brain that didn’t allow me to think fast enough. Maybe I should have pleaded baby brain and claimed I forgot about the law!
  • In happier news, we’re heading to dinner tonight with Geeky and her hubby. It’s rare that we get the chance to double date; it’s usually just the two of us. I’m really looking forward to our guys getting to know each other better.
  • Geeky and I met up a couple of weekends ago to discuss baby shower ideas. I’m so excited that she’s throwing my shower in April, and it just can’t get here fast enough!
  • I got my hair cut-finally! It’s been long overdue, and I’m loving the new shorter locks. Here’s a before shot:



These are terrible before pics, but you get the idea. Wow, I can’t believe just how long my hair had grown!

Here’s the after shots:

Also, I got this t-shirt at a consignment maternity shop for $6 and it’s my absolute favorite! I wish I could wear it every day!




    I have never been able to get out of a ticket and I was really crying because I was upset! And then my friends always brag that they get out of tickets all the time. Not Cool. I would say that I never talked on my phone when I was in Cali, but I did all the time! I was just lucky!


    You look incredible!

    Impulsive Addict

    You look absolutely gorgeous! I love the shorter hair! I wish I could cut mine. The honey likes it long (for now) and I always try to appease him for the most part. He’s who I dress for too. Cheesy or stupid? IDK. Oh well.

    I’m sorry about your ticket. Yes, you sooo should have said something to him about your Boo working in law enforcement. He would have totally let you go! But, after you have the babe, they will TOTALLY get you out of tickets. It’s worked twice for me so far! SCORE! I’m such a speeder!

    I love your baby bump!!


    Sweet shirt! I don’t have any cute pregnancy related shirts. Maybe this time I’ll get some.


    You look so glowy! 🙂 And I love that shirt.

    I got a ticket once, for speeding. In my defense I was looking at a google map and had just crossed a state line and was trying to figure out a highway switch I had coming up. I was so upset!

    Kenzie S

    I’ve been lucky enough to get out of all of my tickets, and I am knocking on wood so I don’t jinx myself! Love the hair cut! I wish I knew how to curl my hair.


    You will love a smartphone, I was a skeptic, but I have seen the light!

    Baby brain–just so you will know it does not go away when you give birth, I can’t remember squat…

    Hair looks great!

    love jenny xoxo

    I can’t believe they still gave you a ticket! So you can’t talk on a cell while driving, seems crazy! Love the new do!!



    Your new hair-do looks great, and I LOVE that tee! So super cute!! I’m sure I’ve said it before, but you are absolutely GLOWING 🙂

    Enjoy your double-date, you deserve it after the run-in with the cops! haha! I always cry when I get pulled over – only worked once to get me out of trouble. 🙁 lol I would’ve been name-dropping if I were you!!!


    Love the new do–I cut my hair about five months before I had Turbo. Gave me time to get used to it and it was out of reach for little grabby fingers.

    ? Julie Maloney ? (@Momspective)

    You’re so much cuter than I was when I was pregnant. I gained 65 with the first and about 70 with the second. I got a speeding ticket last year and it cost me a fortune, I completely forgot you can’t talk on the phone while driving. Oops!


    a) i’m sorry about the ticket 🙁 for the record. i referenced my father (a po) and i cried and he still gave me a ticket. so it all depends on the officer. some are more forgiving than others, lol.
    b) as always, you are such a happy adorable preggers. i can’t get over how good that bump looks on you!
    c) love the shorter hair. love it!


    Holy cow… that’s a steep fine for not using hands free. i’ve heard of states doing that but I don’t even think MO gives tickets for texting, although they should, but they don’t.


    CUTE! Love the new hair.
    The cops in my area absolutely HATE if you bring up knowing or being related to another officer. And if you cry?? You’re SCREWED. They’re hard asses!


    Aw, boo about the ticket! We don’t have a hands free law here, but there is a texting law (I think…). Your hair looks great though! And I love your shirt 🙂


    Your hair looks great!! Love it! I so so need to get mine cut. That shirt is cute!
    And I would have cried too if I got a ticket and I am not even pregnant. I think I would have been too nervous to name drop. My husband is so good about negotiating/talking/ getting deals– me I freeze up.


    Aww! Sorry about the ticket. That does bite! Name drop next time!
    You are the cutest pregnant woman ever!

    Seriously Shawn

    Sorry about your ticket, if cleavage doesn’t work tears usually do.

    That shirt is too cute, as are you, I would wear it every day. There’s a quick cycle on my washer and I use it often for my favorites.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    Janette @

    If you move to Texas, we won’t ticket you for using your phone, except if its through a school zone. Sorry girl– things like that always come at the worst times for me. Next time– name drop! hah!
    You look adorable! Your hair looks good no matter what length you have it!! You’re a cutie ALWAYS!
    Love the shirt too!!


    I love your hair! Can’t wait to see pics of your shower!


    Awwww, what a bummer about the cop giving you a ticket 🙁 I’m so sorry, momma. Also, that’s a damn expensive ticket. I hate to pull off the really worried “but officer, I didn’t know!”
    route and have been successful… sometimes. Other times, I think they get pissed for the attempt (like the time I got ticketed for having a headlight out the day before Easter!)

    OMG, you look so cute with your short hair! Also that shirt is darling 🙂 LOVE!

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