22 Weeks and a Bumpdate

Skip: How are you feeling?
Becca: I’m ok. Morning sickness has receded. I am having some really weird cravings though.
Skip: Don’t give into those. That’s the fetus fighting for dominance. -1600 Penn


Notice in the picture that we officially have a changing pad and cover. The cover a friend actually made for me herself. I love it! This whole 2nd trimester energy has been amazing. I am not as achy as I was during Piglet’s last growth spurt, and I feel like I’m able to accomplish a lot more in a day. I’m relishing being able to do  my normal activities and crossing items off my to do list. With this gorgeous weather we’ve been having, I’ve been doing a lot of weeding in the yard. Mostly I just plop my big butt on the ground and pull weeds while I sit, so I don’t do too much bending. It feels so good to be active and to get those reassuring kicks every day!

Match and I had a really fun week together. This was the first week where he hasn’t been hunting or doing an overtime shift at least one of his days off, so I had him all to myself for all 4 days! It felt almost like a vacation.

We went on a long drive out to the countryside, just because. We used to do drives like that all the time when we were first dating, and it felt nice to change up our routine. We stopped along the road to take pictures of the wildlife. We saw little lambs nursing from their mamas. They were so aggressive with her! I sure hope Piglet is a bit more gentle when he nurses!



We also saw cows, rabbits, a pheasant, and oddly enough…an ostrich! At first we thought it was an emu, but I did a google image search and I’m pretty sure this guy is an ostrich. Either way he’s a big ol’ bird and looks like something that belongs in the Prehistoric world.


We found a walking path and took Monkey out for a stroll.

P1070797 P1070798 P1070799

He loves nothing more than being off leash with us walking beside him. I love that little puppy grin!

Last night we went out to dinner, and decided to dress up a little bit. I have had this plaid dress forever, and it always looked too big on me. Now it barely fits!


We had a great week together and I’m loving these relaxing dates. I know so much of our lives will change when Piglet gets here, so for now we’re enjoying these moments as a couple. But we also cannot wait for the change and all of the new adventures we’ll have as a family! I like to think that Piglet will fit right in 🙂






    You’re bump is adorable. Monkey is adorable. 🙂 And yay for baby kicks!


    Love your boots!
    That picture of sheep reminded me of your halloween costume. LOL


    how fun is that (your outside date with match)! so awesome that monkey won’t run too far. i’ve never let my pup off the leash for fear that she’ll just keep on going, haha.

    you are, as always, adorbs with your bump! and so happy!!!!


    I’m so glad you guys are still enjoying time together before piglet comes and it looks like such a fun weekend!!

    Impulsive Addict

    I love all the pics!! Yes, have lots of date nights! Enjoy them!! =)

    love jenny xoxo

    wow, I’m impressed how far along you are on the baby’s room – I feel way behind! Your bump is so cute, and I love all your photos!!



    Awwww, YOU GUYS!!! You are just way too cute. Love the last picture especially. I love spontaneous roadtrips, too. I really would love to go on another (must drop some casual hints to the bf).

    Hope all is well with you momma and that you’re feeling well. Congrats–you are almost there!! XOXO

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