Anatomy Scan and a Huge Milestone

[Anthony is running errands for the ladies to help them prepare for Charlene’s baby shower.]
Charlene: I’m sorry you can’t stay for the shower, it’s just one of those all girl times.
Anthony: Believe me, Charlene, I understand perfectly. It’s absolutely alright. I go to all-boy parties sometimes, and we have those little tiny sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and then we play word games where the prize is a biscuit cutter, so I’ve had my fill. -Designing Women

  • Today was our anatomy scan. 
  • I’m overcome with emotions. This was the scan I couldn’t wait for with Roo, especially because we didn’t know what we were having. I was so excited for that connection, and being at the official halfway point of pregnancy. I couldn’t help but feel some sadness, at what might have been with our sweet girl.
  • But I chose to focus on the happy, and not the sad about this day. Our strong little man has made it to 20 weeks! We got to see his little hands, his sweet lil baby toes and all his working parts. I am so completely and utterly in love with this rainbow baby.
  • One of the coolest moments was when we watched him bring his little hand up and suck his thumb! Melted my heart!



  • The technician gave us some fun news-he is measuring a full WEEK ahead of schedule. She said his due date probably won’t be changed, but that as of right now he’d be due May 31st instead of June 2nd. I wouldn’t mind if he was here a week early!
  • He’s a big guy, weighing in at 12 ounces already, when I think the average for 20 weeks is about 10.5. Hurray for a nice fat healthy baby!
  • After our appointment we made a trip to Babies ‘R Us and registered for Piglet. I had fun but Match was a little overwhelmed, mostly with the prices. “Baby stuff is so expensive!” he kept repeating. I was digging the stroller we picked out. What do you think? Am I a natural or what? 😉



  • I love how real this is becoming for us. We’re going to have a baby!

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    It’s so cool when you get to see them that way. Bruiser yawned for us at his scan.


    I’m so happy to hear that little Piglet is doing well! Seeing them in the sonogram makes it all more real. And you are looking great!


    Yea!!! Halfway there and so awesome he is so big and doing so good. And yea baby stuff is expensive but they are so so worth it.


    i love reading posts like this! they make me smile from ear to ear. i’m beyond thrilled for you and your little family. xoxo from the ec!


    Although, if he was born on June 2nd he’d share my oldest son’s birthday. 🙂


    Ah, you are SUCH a natural! I’m so very excited for you – that the anticipation is building as this becomes more real with each passing week. You look amazing! 🙂


    That’s so wonderful! Yay! And, yes, baby stuff IS expensive! That’s why I don’t have one yet LOL

    Connie Weiss

    One of my favorite memories of my pregnancy with my son was finding out his sex…and then going to Babies R Us for the first time to register!!


    Seriously Shawn

    It’s a boy! So thrilled for y’all.

    You look like a smokin’ hot Mamma behind that stroller!

    Half way there, time’s gonna fly by now.

    Thanks for linking up with us.

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