Musical Little Church Mouse

My church is currently in the middle of a transition, one of the hardest for a church family to go through. Both our reverend and his partner, the music director, have retired. So while the church directors are interviewing for a new reverend, we’re also dealing with the many kinks that come with not having a very organized musical team. We currently have a man who doesn’t really sing leading songs, and a pianist, and that’s about it.

Some of my longtime readers know I used to sing all the time. I would get up in front of a crowd at karaoke nights and belt out my favorites. It’s been years since I’ve been behind the microphone and I’m really craving it.  Last week we had a guest guitarist, and unfortunately his mic was turned down way too low and we couldn’t hear him, and the guitar drowned his voice out.

So I think this Sunday I’m going to ask to help out with the music department, at least temporarily. We also do special music every week, and I’m going to get up the courage to sing a song, if they’ll have me. I would love to sing Safe and Sound and dedicate it to Roo, on the Sunday before her angelversary in April. I’m not sure I could get through it without crying though. So we’ll see how it goes-but I think no matter what it’ll be a fun experience. And it’ll sure beat singing in those seedy karaoke bars!


    Meghan Furst

    My – how we have grown up! Date Girl went from singing in Karoake Bars to singing in church. 😉

    Btw – I always have trouble with your thingie to clear “comment spam”. Who knew that I was that bad at math?


    That’s awesome! I could never be that brave.

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