Home Wish List: 2013 Edition

Charlie Eppes: [looking over Alans shoulder] Grow a ponytail?
Alan Eppes: Yeah. I found an old wish list.
Charlie Eppes: Who’s? Steven Seagal’s?

I was looking through some old posts, and I came across my wish list for my home, the 2011 edition. It made me smile to look back on what I dreamed about, before we bought our first home. I’m happy to say we actually have something on the list! We bought some light fixtures that are very similar to the ones I dreamed about.

Here’s the one I liked:


and the ones we installed:


We have them on each side of the garage. I’d still love to get that hanging lantern light for the porch, and the back deck as well.

So now that we’re in our home, I decided to update my wish list. I would love to get a new couch for the family room. Something leather and squishy to go with Match’s man chair.

leathersectionalWe have this empty space in our front room beneath the bay window, that’s filled once a year with our Christmas tree. I would LOVE to fill that space with a window seat. We could scoot the tree out further, and we could sit in the window seat and stare up at the tree. ย And for the rest of the year it would be extra seating for parties, or a great place to curl up with a good book.

baywindow windowseat



In the kitchen, besides the updating we desperately need, I’d love to get granite countertops. I love the light color in this picture. While we’re at it, I’d love to paint our kitchen cabinets white like this too. It would make the room look so much more open and bright. And that kitchen hood is amazing too. Drool!


Thinking ahead to the spring and summer, and all the time we spend outdoors, we could really use some more seating for the backyard. We bought two really pretty chairs for the firepit area. I’d like to get two more, and the matching bench that goes with them.


So that’s what’s on my wish list for our home so far. I’m sure I’ll add to that list and then some. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to get a few things on the list this year. What’s on your home wish list?



    Sarah Kate

    I really like white cabinets and light colored granite! Those make such a lovely combination! If we had had the money during our kitchen remodel, we were going to replace our tan tile countertops with a light smooth surface type, like granite. It’s just so much easier to clean than tiles and grout!

    Kenzie S

    I love those hanging lights! You could almost turn your lights in to hanging lights by yourself.. I don’t know how much work it would take but it could be worth it?
    I would LOVE to have a window seat with a built in book shelf surrounding me ๐Ÿ˜€


    Beautiful choices! Except the white kitchen. Because with a kiddo? White = cleaning up NON STOP!!!


    First – I love your new blog design ๐Ÿ™‚
    Second – On my wish list: Definitely a new couch. Ours was a cheap one (it looked nice) that is worn out after 6 years. Number two would be a new mattress for our spare room. And number three would be new carpet. Even though its only three years old, its worn out already (cheap! not picked out by us – it was installed by the guys who flipped our house).


    you changed your page!! niiiiice ๐Ÿ™‚

    i dig your wishlist. everything looks great. i hope that this time next year you’ll be able to look back and be thrilled that you did it!

    Emmy Mom

    Wow your blog looks totally different! I like it! I see you officially switched your title too. Loving the changes.

    And how fun that you actually got some of the things from your wish list.

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