TTUT-2013 To Do List

Today will either be the best or the worst day of my life. Holly gave AJ an ultimatum. He either proposes by New Year’s or they break up. Now, if she’s engaged, I’m gonna go crazy and I’m gonna start attacking people. If she’s not engaged, in all honesty, I may just burn this whole place to the ground out of happiness. -Michael

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

Happy New Year! I am thrilled that it is 2013. I’m so optimistic and excited for what’s in store for us this year.

Like every year, it looks like I didn’t get every single thing done on my to do list. But I was pretty proud of all that we accomplished. Hopefully this year we can be just as productive!

2013 Goals/To Do List:Β 

  1. Decide on a name for Piglet
  2. Pay off new upstairs windows
  3. Save up for new downstairs windows (Need roughly $4500)
  4. Pay off at least one of our student loans, pay down Jeep
  5. Start 529 college savings fund for Piglet
  6. Roll over old 401K to IRA-been meaning to do this for years now
  7. Write our wills
  8. Get certified in infant CPR
  9. Take prenatal classes, including birth and nursing classes at Kaiser
  10. Organize garage-install pegboard and built in shelving storage
  11. Replace kitchen lighting with recessed lighting
  12. Buy hallway light fixture.
  13. Buy ceiling fan in the master bedroom.
  14. Buy new dining room and front entry light fixtures.
  15. Save up for an electrician to come install all of these fancy light fixtures.
  16. Install a custom closet organizer.
  17. Buy sideboard for dining room using Amazon coupons
  18. Take maternity pictures with Match
  19. Make DIY invitations for Piglet’s baby shower
  20. Make and send Thank You cards for shower
  21. Finish nursery decor by no later than April
  22. Take family photos when Piglet arrives
  23. Send out Piglet’s birth announcements
  24. Take Piglet camping
  25. Do something fun for our 3rd wedding anniversary
  26. Do something special for my 30th birthday
  27. Come up with family Halloween costumes, hopefully DIY
  28. Take Piglet to the pumpkin patch
  29. Send out our first family Christmas cards
  30. Make Piglet a baby book and keep track of milestones
  31. Take Piglet to the Christmas tree farm
  32. Take our first trip to Oregon as a family of 3
  33. Have a date night at least once a month with Match, hopefully more frequently
  34. Lose baby weight and get in pre-baby shape by the end of the year.
  35. Go back to the gym-should help with above goal
  36. Take Piglet to at least one Mommy & me class
  37. Keep up with blogging even after Piglet gets here (Goal is at least 1 time a week check in)
  38. Meet a blog friend in real life
  39. Plant a garden
  40. Have outside of house painted
  41. Re-stain deck
  42. Buy the rest of our patio furniture with Amazon coupons
  43. Buy a digital SLR to capture all of Piglet’s antics
  44. Start writing a book

    Connie Weiss

    Great list!

    I want you to know that one of my resolutions was inspired by your 2012 list. πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year!


    Good luck! Lots of those are totally doable.

    Kenzie S

    You sure know exactly what you want to do! I wish I had fun home resolutions – maybe this year we will finally be able to buy a house!
    Happy New Year!!


    great list of goals!! ignore my other comment about 54 lol. i guess it was just a random number that you came up with haha

    i am confident that you will be able to knock a ton of these off the list!!


    Awesome goals! I’ve found that starting a few savings accounts online with ING is so helpful. They don’t have the same kinds of fees that regular banks have, and they have easy automatic transfer options (so, for example, I send money to our European Vacation Savings Account on the 1st of every month! πŸ™‚ I’m probably going to move my husband’s old 401k there soon, too. They always have bonus incentives for opening accounts, too.

    Meghan Furst

    Good 2013 goal list! Very inspirational. You’ve probably thought of this already – but, why not name baby after Match?


    Even though I’ve failed two years in a row, I’m going to make another list. I’m still working on it though.

    Janette @

    Talk about a massive list!! I know what you are doing when you aren’t on skype though, so that’s good. I am excited for this year too for you. I need to do a few of those up there– good reminders for me! ha! I think my list might be massive if I really put pen to paper!


    Fantastic list!! Good luck with all of it. πŸ™‚ I have been itching to get myself a DSLR camera too. And I cannot WAIT to take Betty camping!!


    This is an incredibly ambitious and SUPER adorable list. I think my favorite is “take Piglet camping.” LOVE. You’re writing a book?! Super awesome! I had no idea! You have such an infectious way about you and you make me want to do 1,000 more things πŸ™‚


    You should be able to to the wills online very easily. We had to use an attorney (due to step children and inheritance) and I don’t want to discuss how much it cost! Use that money on home improvements.


    Oh yes- invest in a good camera now for sure!! The time will go so fast and having good pictures will be priceless. I bet you will be able to do most of your list as they are very specific goals so it makes it easier than just the vague goals with no plan.

    Heather's Happenings

    That is a great list! I need to make a list of goals for this year! Hope you have a wonderful 2013!

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