TTUT-Uplift One Another

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” -Fred Rogers

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

  • This month has been such a busy one, and I feel like I’m really far behind in blogging about it all. I’m sure I’ve left moments out, but here are some of the highlights.
  • This past Saturday Miss PhD and I got together for a girl’s day. We went on a tour of the Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento, which was all decked out for Christmas. Can I just say it’s my dream to one day live in a house where I can have more than one Christmas tree? I think this one had at least 5. 2012.122
  • We also got our picture with Santa, which prompted me to dig through my old pictures. We took a picture together with Santa 13 years ago. It makes my heart happy that we’re still good friends after all these years! missphdmrsmatch
  • We also hung out in old town Sacramento, which I really need to do more. It’s such a cute area, and there are all kinds of fun shops to explore. I’m going to see if Match will take me there on a date next week.
  • Last week we had a really fun night with Couple Family. They came over in their PJs and we went to Candy Cane Lane, then watched Elf. The day they were coming over, Match decided to make snowflakes and hang them from the living room ceiling. It was so cute  how into it he got. I think the snowflakes are going to become a yearly tradition.
  • The kids broke out in this spontaneous dance number while we were finishing dinner. Is that not the cutest thing? I love how sister copied big brother. 

  • We checked out Candy Cane Lane which was just as awesome this year as it was last. I can’t wait to bring Piglet here. I don’t think I’d ever go as far as these folks, but I would love to have a few lawn animals, especially the seal, and some of those penguins. They’re so cute! I especially got a kick out of the sassy Pig 🙂 2012.1242012.123
  • I am heartbroken over the tragedy in Connecticut. I cried a lot this past weekend. The pain of losing a loved one, especially a child, is indescribable. The church I go to, Unity, sent out this message. Even if you don’t believe in God, I think the idea behind this message still holds true.

    Our hearts are broken open by the news of today, and we acknowledge the anger, hurt and fear such an unimaginable circumstance stirs within us. As we pause for a few moments of silent prayer, we find the love of God within us. We allow this love, caring, and compassion to rise up in our hearts, and we send our prayers of peace and love to all those touched by violence. We hold every community, every family in our hearts. We pray they may be soothed. We pray for their strength. We pray for peace for all humankind. And so it is. Amen. -Silent Unity

  • It was my week to teach Sunday School at Unity on Sunday. I was grateful for the chance to spend time with the littles, especially in light of the recent tragedy. I feel that our time with children is so fleeting, and so precious, so I try to soak in all of those moments I’m blessed to be a part of their little lives. We spent the hour making little foam wreath ornaments that the kids would take home, while we read them Christmas stories. At the end of class, a little girl came up to me and handed me her ornament, telling me she wanted me to have it. It was the sweetest thing, and the little wreath is now hanging proudly on my tree.
  • I was grateful that my reverend didn’t focus his sermon on the tragedy. We recognized the victims and their families and said a prayer for them. But to focus on the shooter and what he did is glorifying him. Instead, we should focus on uplifting one another, and being kind to those we meet. You never know whose spirit you might touch with just a little extra kindness.


    your girl date sounds like so much fun!! and i love the side by side pictures of you both with santa. 🙂

    candy cane lane! they went there on the new girl last year!! your tv room looks great! the built ins with the lights and the snowflakes…. love it!


    That is a great quote from Mr. Rogers. There’s not much good to take from something like this, but I hope the families and people of Newtown can take at least a little comfort in knowing so many are praying for them and trying in every little way to help them.

    Love the snowflakes! 🙂 I have a door in my house – sort of like a French door separating the living room and the dining room – that has 15 panes of glass. Each year, I cut out 15 snowflakes for the door. Makes it so much more festive – just like Match’s! 🙂


    We’ve done snowflakes in our windows–nice thing about them, they aren’t just Christmas specific and can be there all winter.


    Yes! I think with all the media attention the shooter does get glorified too much– which could be part of why these people do things like this– as they don’t want to be ignored or not listened to anymore so they make sure everyone remembers their names. So yes- lets focus on the good and what we can do to make the world a better place.

    What a fun weekend you had! Too bad you and your friends weren’t switched sides- though still so much fun to have that. We have a neighborhood that is similar to your candy cane lane- we still need to go see it this year.


    I can’t stop thinking about those poor kids/teachers in CT. It’s just so devastating 🙁 There are just no words but I think focusing on uplifting one another is a wonderful thing to do this time of year. And keeping the memories of the little ones in our hearts is so important for these families.

    It looks like you had a great weekend! I love the photos you took in Candy Cane Lane! SOOO cute 🙂 And I’m with you…. I would have worn PJs, too. I need to see Elf this season. I can’t believe I haven’t seen it on TV once yet! Also, EEEEEP, your little bump is starting to show 🙂


    I love the snowflakes! And I love that you all go see the lights in your pajamas. Great traditions!


    What a busy week, and how fun!
    I had a community outreach thing Friday with our church and seeing the little kids’ faces…was just so hard and also reassuring, somehow.

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