Piglet has Ears!

From what I have read, it looks like it’s possible that Piglet may be able to hear me inside the womb by now. If not quite yet, then definitely in the next few weeks. I would love to get some headphones so I can start playing classical music on the belly. It’d be so fun to play music for him and stimulate his little brain. I also plan to encourage Match to talk to the baby so he will recognize daddy’s voice too. I love that this time of year also means that Piglet will be hearing me and my congregation singing lots of Christmas songs-my absolute favorite songs to sing!



    I remember my brother and his wife talking a lot to the baby when Amanda was expecting… they’d read stories to the baby in the womb 🙂 Such an exciting time!!!


    I am loving these updates! I used to sing to B in the car while I was driving. And I played her a lot of Radiohead. I swear it used to make her calm once she was an outside baby!


    It’s so emotional to be pregnant at the holidays. And with a little boy, no less! It’s like they’re singing about baby Jesus and you’re bawlin’. 🙂

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