Thanksgiving 2012

We all were a part of one another, one family, one community. Sometimes we forget this and so we meet here each year to give thanks to those who have helped us and to remember, even the greatest darkness is nothing, so long as we share the light. -Father, Beauty and the Beast

We have so much to be thankful for this year. It’s been a long hard year, but we’ve seen that rainbow at the end of the storm, and we couldn’t wait to share our news with the rest of the family. We even had Match’s sister there, who conspired with me that she was surprising her family for Thanksgiving. I kept urging my MIL to get ready a little bit early, much to her annoyance I’m sure. Then when there was a knock at the door, I said, why don’t you open it, and I’ll finish setting up? I grabbed the camera and captured her reaction as her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend walked through the door. It was so sweet!

I had to wear a jacket around all day, hiding my baby bump, waiting for everyone to arrive. When the last person showed up, my mother in law gathered everyone outside and said we had an announcement. I’m sure they guessed what it was, but they still did a great job of acting surprised. I just stood up and took my jacket off. I had planned on saying something, but in the moment with all eyes on me, I got a little nervous. But as soon as I turned to the side, the aunts started cheering, and everyone clapped. It was a great moment!

We settled into a relaxing afternoon of eating, drinking (I drink with my nose by smelling all the wine, lol) and enjoying visiting with family. I helped decorate the 24 inch round tables and everything looked so festive. We got to chatting about Christmas, and I asked the aunts where they were planning on having it this year. No one really wanted to host, so I offered our home. We’re a drive from everyone, but we have such an open floor plan, and our house is perfect for guests. Everyone was really excited, and it looks like I’ll be hosting my first big family Christmas!! They all made me promise not to do too much, and I won’t, but I cannot wait to get started on decorations. In fact, I think I’m going to go start today. 🙂



    yay! i love the looks on everyone’s face! so glad that you have a picture of it!

    sneaky you!! conspiring with your sil for a surprise visit!! that is so awesome.

    it looks like you all had a super time. happy happy happy thanksgiving!!


    Yay! That’s so great! What a happy Thanksgiving, and so much to be thankful for!


    That was very nice of you to offer- I think I happily would but my husband would freak out about the idea.

    How fun to be able to announce it to everyone at Thanksgiving.


    There is so much love in these photographs 🙂 Sweet. And I think the way you made the announcement to your family is absolutely perfect. I can’t think of a better way!

    I think it’s great that you are hosting this year, but do promise not to go too crazy. Momma needs her rest! But that sounds like fun (and nervewracking, to be honest). You will do a WONDERFUL job, especially with your awesome decorating skills! XOXO and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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