10 Weeks

Phil: Lem, you can’t hurt a baby.
Lem: Well, you can hurt them. They’re not indestructible.
Phil: I meant it’s morally indefensible.
Lem: Well, what if the baby killed a man?
Phil: You and your moral puzzles. I just love ’em. -Better Off Ted

Our appointment with the specialist went so well this week. He was very pleased with Piglet’s progress, and said the heartbeat was very solid and strong. He also thinks that since my bleeding is triggered by bending and lifting, that it might be just my cervix bleeding, and nothing internal, which is very good. I’m still going to be monitored every 2 weeks, but he said everything looks great.

He also said I’m ok to start doing a little bit more activity, but if I start bleeding again, to back off. So I’ll start out slow, and we’ll see!

If you look closely you can see Piglet’s little legs. She/he was kicking and waving his/her little arms. In just 2 weeks we get the NT scan and we’ll get to see Piglet up close and moving around for at least 30 minutes. I can’t wait!

After our visit we had a little impromptu photo shoot in the backyard, next to the rose tree we received from my father in honor of Roo. It’s been in full bloom since we found out about Piglet, and I like to see that as a sign just from her.

Please forgive the pajama pants. If you knew how comfortable they were you wouldn’t judge me! How cute is the look Monkey is giving me? It’s like he’s asking what’s in my belly. I love that little dog, and I love this baby!




    Girl I would happily live in pajama pants and I am not pregnant- but especially when you are yes live away! And how awesome about the tree- that is wonderful!!

    Joyce M. Cooper

    You must be the HAPPIEST woman in the world now!!! Best wishes to you!!!


    i love how happy you look! and the baby belly… adorable!

    hahaha… agreed. if i could live in pj pants i totally would! so super comfy!

    the rose tree–how thoughtful of your father! it will grow with you as you grow as a family.


    MONKEY! That look is awesome. 🙂
    You’re adorable.


    I am so happy for you!!! Woo Hoo for Piglet!!


    Love the belly! Too cute! And the dog is adorable too! That rose tree – too sweet.

    Sarah Kate

    You are seriously the cutest thing!! :o) I love your little belly!!!

    I wear pajama pants anytime I’m home. Trust me, I know how comfortable they are!


    Biggest smile ever, you look lovely. I too have a rose bush to honor my mother, love it to pieces.

    Have a great restful weekend with your parents!


    You look so happy – I know you must grow more excited with each passing day 🙂 I’m glad you’re appointment this week went so well and that Piglet is growing and doing great! Yay!!


    Awwwww, you are glowing in these pictures :)Monkey is so adorable! Love your enthusiasm and so excited for your beautiful, growing family. I can’t wait for little Piglet to make his/her appearance. XOXO


    This is so wonderful. 🙂

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