TTUT-How to Not Clean for Company

Topanga: Oh, by the way, my parents are coming into town.
Cory: “Oh, by the way, my parents are coming into town”? Oh, by the way, Captain Titanic, the ship’s in two pieces!! -Boy Meets World

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

  • I’ve been anxious since Halloween. I went to the midwife checkup and I saw Piglet’s heartbeat, but I need confirmation from my Dr. that all is well.
  • The bleeding has stopped, and now I barely have spotting, which is a huge relief. Taking it very easy seems to be doing the trick.
  • This past Sunday I taught my second Sunday school class. I was exhausted by the end of the hour, but I had a great time. There was this adorable shy girl in the class, who barely spoke. By the end of class she’d warmed up to me, and sang along with the song I taught, and then surprised me with a huge hug when class was over. It was the sweetest thing!
  • Hope everyone voted today! Match and I are anxiously hoping a measure passes, as it could mean increased local police funds, and a chance to work closer to home. Fingers crossed!
  • My parents will be here on Saturday! I’m so excited for them to see our house for the first time.
  • It’s taking ALL of my willpower not to clean up in a frenzy. I know I’m not supposed to strain myself, and I’ve learned my lesson. But for my Virgoness, and because this is my MOTHER we’re talking about, it’s absolute torture. Hopefully I can bribe Match to take care of it. But let’s face it, his clean is not MY clean. If only I had it in the budget to hire a cleaning person for one day.
  • While they’re here, they’ve promised to help with a few projects around the house. I just need to relinquish control a little bit, which is so so hard for me. My mom promised to bring me a tiara and let me order them around from the couch, ha! 😉


    rest… rest… rest… take it easy. (try to) enjoy having people help you out and perhaps dote a bit 🙂

    omg. isn’t it adorable when the kids take a liking to you and they actually learn something!? it’s my fave ever!! you’re such a natural.

    yay for your parents coming to town. that will be awesome. i’m sure they will love your house. even if it’s not ‘your’ type of clean, haha.

    love the idea of a tiara. wear it proudly!! and don’t forget to ring the bell too 😉


    Definitely take it easy – your parents will understand if your house isn’t cleaned to your normal standards! Definitely bribe Match, I’m sure he’ll do a good job.

    Enjoy the time of relaxation, letting your family do things for you – it won’t be long before you’ll be wishing you had time to sit back and put your feet up. 😉 Have fun visiting with your parents!!


    Yes, lots of rest!!!
    Have a great visit with your parents!


    Follow doctor’s orders. Wear that tiara with pride! And relax about the house–your folks will understand.


    Take it easy! Glad to hear things are OK. Enjoy your visit!


    Yay! Glad you got to hear the heartbeat….it always makes me feel better too. I voted today!


    Omagosh….SUNDAY SCHOOL!! That’s awesome!! It’s very hard work!


    Did the measure passed that you want? Hope so for your family.


    I love your mother’s tiara idea. She sounds so cute! Hope you are taking it easy… remember, NO ONE IS JUDGING YOU! Your parents want you to be healthy above all else; I’m sure they could care less if there’s an item out of place. Besides, your home always looks super clean to me!

    What a sweet girl! I would have gotten all choked up if she gave me a hug at the end, too 🙂

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