Halloween 2012

Tracy: Oh check this out! My key to the city of Gary, Indiana” . Mmmm, look at this! My gold record from my novelty party song![“Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” Music video]Tracy[singing, dressed up as a Werewolf bar mitzvah, spooky scary. Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves. -30 Rock

Our Halloween party was a blast!! The day started out super scary, with my own personal Halloween nightmare. I overdid it on prepping the house for the party the night before, and I woke up to tons of bleeding and blood clots. I had an appointment with the midwife for bloodwork that day anyways, so they were able to give me an ultrasound. Little Peanut is just fine, nice strong heartbeat, and the midwife said I just need to be better about taking it easy.

Match and my friends were all so understanding and didn’t let me do any of the clean up. They are all so good to me and little Piglet! Prepare for a photo bomb as I take you through the night. Let’s start with the decorations. I love the way they turned out.

and let’s not forget the food

Match helped me make the rice crispy eyeballs and ghosts. They turned out so cute! Miss Ph.D is so afraid of spiders she couldn’t eat the spider deviled eggs. 😉

And now without further adieu, I give you our costumes:

The pictures started out innocently enough, but quickly went inappropriate. Match had way too much fun with this theme!

The guest arrived and everyone was dressed up so cute.

Miss PhD as a devil, Geeky as Hermoine, me as the sheep, Walking Buddy as Medusa, and Hippy Chick as Bubble Gum, with her baby as a kitty cat. Walking Buddy’s sis in law came along, but I don’t think she had a costume.

I can’t get over how cute Match looks in his overalls. Walking Hubby was a gladiator. I have no clue what Hippy Guy was supposed to be. Maybe a magician? And Geeky’s hubby went as Maverick from Top Gun.

I had way too much fun at the food table. I plopped myself down and practically ate all the food. Good thing my sheep costume was baggy!

I mustache you a question!

At the end of the night Hippy guy did a cool glow in the dark light show for us. It was pretty neat to watch.

I had such a great time with friends. It was so low key and mellow. It was exactly what we wanted. I can’t wait til next year. I plan to do more yard and outdoor decorations. And I can’t wait to have a family themed costume with Piglet! 



    Janette @ www.thejohansonjourney.com

    Aw, I love the costumes and everything turned out great!! Low Key is my kind of a party!! The food would freak me out– um, human scabs?! BLECH! Isn’t it funny how a description can ruin food or even seeing a spider! hah! I am digging the Top Gun outfit– huge fan of Maverick in the movie.
    Love the sheep!! You two look so cute and happy!!


    Y’all look so cute!


    Great pictures and GREAT costumes! I’m also a big Top Gun fan so the Maverick costume is right up my alley! haha! Love how you & Match dressed up – I can see how things might turn inappropriate…lol!!
    Glad to hear all is OK with you & Piglet. Take it easy, girl!


    What a cute party–looks like everyone had fun. We haven’t been to a Halloween party in years. Maybe in a couple years when Halloween is on a weekend we may need to do a party. But probably not until the kiddos aren’t trick or treating.


    OMG the farmer and bent over sheep has me in stitches.

    Love the bats on the wall.

    Feet up now and for the rest of the day!!

    Kenzie S

    Love your decorations and costumes (: Sounds like you had an awesome party!!
    xoxo Kenzie


    Love it! I’m glad that you got to hear the heartbeat, but make sure to take it easy!! Put those feet up, and let your hubby take care of you.
    Love the costumes – TOO CUTE!


    Alright, I say get your butt in bed and don’t get out.

    And I LOVE your costume, I’m gonna be laughing my ass off all day about that theme! LOL!!


    looks like fun was had by all! the costumes and decorations were very cute!! thank you for sharing!

    now go rest!!! 🙂


    LOL, I love your costumes! You are too cute together 🙂

    It’s nice to see the Halloween costumes. It was actually cancelled in NY/NJ this year so I’m enjoying the creativity that goes into costumes. Bubblegum chick is awesome!

    And so happy all is well with your scare. You had me worried for the little piglet!

    Sarah Kate

    Geez girl! Give yourself a rest!!! No more work for you unless it involves getting up to change the movie you’ve got playing on TV! ;o)

    You do throw a really good party though! And ya’ll’s costumes are hilarious!!! Love it!!!

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