In Need of a New Computer

Our computer is almost as old as our relationship. We’re going on 4 years for this old laptop, and sadly, in computer terms that means it’s in its late 70s. The built in track mouse doesn’t work, the battery won’t keep a charge, and there is a big crack on the front from when I dropped it (whoops!). I have been coveting new ultrabooks and laptops I’ve seen online. I think we’ll try to hold out til Black Friday or Cyber Monday and see if we can get a good deal. I just wish computers would last longer in the first place. Is it too much to ask for our consumer electronics, especially ones we use every day, to last us about 10 years? That would make me a happy consumer. But in today’s throwaway society, I’m pretty sure even with the latest and greatest, the most I’ll get is 6 years out of one, and those last 2 years will be full of frustration!

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