TTUT-10 Things to Smile About in October

Paul: Kids, what does Dad do on Halloween?
Everyone (expect Paul,Cate and Kyle): Carve the pumpkin.
Cate: And what does Mom do?
Everyone (expect Paul, Cate and Kyle): Everything else. -8 Simple Rules

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

It’s fall and I have so many things to smile about! So I’m linking up with Emmy’s 10 Things!

1. Our little Piglet-this baby has me grinning on a daily basis.

2. The fact that I’m already showing. I know this wouldn’t make most people smile, but I love that I’m getting to skip the awkward first trimester stage. My theory is my uterus didn’t have time to shrink in the five months between pregnancies.

3. Our Halloween party tomorrow-so excited to celebrate with friends.

4. Our Halloween costumes-I will reveal them after the party. All I will say is that I spent about a week sewing mine. I cannot wait to wear them!

5. This Fall weather-FINALLY. We had another heat wave come in this past weekend, but the crisp fall mornings are finally here.

6. The end of October means that in just 3 short weeks my parents will be here. They’ve never seen our house, and it’s going to be so great having them here.

7. Geeky’s reaction when I told her about Piglet. I don’t normally show my friend’s faces, but I just had to. The reaction was just too cute to hide.

8. Asking Geeky and her husband to be Godparents to Piglet made me smile. She cried and said yes. I’m so happy this Piglet has so many people that already love him/her so much.

9. Carving pumpkins with my hubby. We haven’t done that together since the first year we started dating.

10. Not having any big bleeds or major subchorionic hemorrhage symptoms this week. Taking it easy and drinking lots of water seems to be doing the trick. I’m feeling great!

What made you smile this month?



    that is a great list. and they all made me smile too.

    you’re so stinkin cute with your little baby pooch.

    can’t wait to see halloween party pics!! 🙂

    yay for having the yuckiness subsiding. i bet that is a bit of a relief. keep smiling. keep resting. hugs from the ec!


    Your list made me smile!


    This post made me smile! 🙂 I’m so happy that you’re having a good week. And what a cute baby bump!
    So funny story about our pumpkins: I carved my little owl and Dan carved a scary face. We trotted outside to take pictures and, without thinking, I pulled our front door shut behind us. I wanted good lighting for our photos! Oops, locked us out. We spent the next 30 minutes trying to break into our house. I felt so dumb. Luckily, we had our phones so I called my dad and he was able to come help us get in. Next time I need to think less about getting the perfect photo and more about the practicality of having a door that locks in two places!

    Kenzie S

    You definitely have a wonderful list of things to smile about (:


    what made me smile………was reading about little piglet, OMG so happy for you both.

    Happy Halloween!

    Impulsive Addict

    YAY for piglet! I didn’t realize you had revealed it on here. Of course, that’s probably because I’m NEVER on here anymore! I’m sooooo excited for you! I am happy to hear that you’re feeling well. Me too! Just 5.5 more weeks for me. At least we can say we were pregnant at the same time! =)

    Love the pics. Very cute…as always. Can’t wait to see your costume. Text me a pic!!

    Thanks for linking up! xoxo

    Janette @

    I love all of your happy list and of course it makes me smile!! Love the pumpkins and cant wait to see the party details/costumes!!


    Look at you and your little bump! So exciting!! 🙂

    Awesome reasons to smile! I love that you and Match carved your pumpkins together. I was thinking on Saturday when I did mine that it would have been more fun to do it with someone! lol!! So good to see you guys so happy 🙂

    Connie Weiss

    Congrats on your pregnancy!!

    Can’t wait to hear what you costumes are.

    Emmy Mom

    Yea!! That last one made me so happy for you. And yes don’t overdo it when your parents come- it is so easy when people are in town to feel like you need to entertain all the time.

    And can’t wait to see your costumes! I do a lot of crafting things- sewing is not one of them.

    Cute pumpkins! Your bump is adorable.
    Thanks so much for linking up.


    Hearing about Piglet makes me SMILE!!!

    Sarah Kate

    (Insert whistle here for Match with his shirt off!) ;o)

    Geeky’s reaction is PERFECT! I love it!

    You look absolutely adorable, too. I know you’re just basking in this pregnancy right now!


    YOU are freakin’ adorable and Geeky’s face is PRICELESS!!


    So glad there are so many things in your life that make you smile 🙂 Your posts always make me smile huge, too. Adorable baby bump, Geeky’s smile, AWESOME pumpkins… lot of awesome in this post. XOXO

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