8 Weeks 4 Days

[Having decided to apologize to Lily for interfering in her pregnancy, Ted and Marshall leave the birthing class]
Class Instructor: Dads, this is the time I’ll answer every question you’ve ever had about vaginas.
Marshall: [overhears instructor almost out of the door] Damn it! [Ted ushers him out] -How I Met Your Mother

-I’m amazed by how quickly this belly is growing. At this rate Match is going to need a jib crane just to lift me into bed. 😉 But seriously, I can’t help but be excited about my little baby bump.

-We finally got to share the news with Match’s parents on Monday. I got her reaction on video, as she read the card we gave her, with a quote about Rainbow Babies. She started figuring it out about halfway through, and just started sobbing. It was absolutely precious. We went out to dinner to celebrate, and I put my newfound appetite to good use. The waiter offered me a taste of the wine, and I told him I couldn’t because I’m pregnant, and that’s why we were there, to celebrate. He brought us a huge complimentary ice cream cake. That guy knows the way to a pregnant lady’s heart!
8 weeks pregnant, pregnancy cravings
-We had quite the scare on Tuesday for our first visit with the high risk doctor. When I went to give my urine sample, I started bleeding heavily. I was freaked out, but once again the doctor found Piglet’s heartbeat, and said she/he is growing right on schedule.
-The doctor said he felt that everything was fine, and that the subchorionic hemorrhage is still there, but not anything he’s terribly concerned about. He said I should go about my life, but take it easy when I feel I need to. I think I just overdid it when Match’s parents were in town, and possibly that’s what brought on the bleeding.
-I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed with the bleeding. It has stopped again, and I’m feeling a lot better. I’m just praying this thing resolves soon and I can go on to have a normal pregnancy. I’m grateful for my doctor, and his offer to come in every 2 weeks to ease my worry. I’m definitely taking him up on that offer to see my Piglet again at 10 weeks!
-Here’s a little glimpse of Piglet. It’s definitely a lot more clear than that first ultrasound, and much more obvious that there is just one bun in this oven. Whew!
8 weeks pregnant, ultrasound, first trimester

-Monkey is excited for the new addition to the family. I’m not sure how he’ll feel when he has to give up his favorite spot though.

8 weeks pregnant, first trimester, pregnancy



    So glad everything’s still going great! So excited for y’all!!


    I’ve heard that some women bleed the entire pregnancy…I don’t know if I could handle that…I bled once with my second one and I damn near had a heart attack.
    I’ll keep you in my prayers, friend! Pregnancy is a miracle!


    You are absolutely glowing 🙂 That ice cream cake looks delicious!!!


    yay! i love seeing you so happy. you deserve it.

    and yum. that dessert looks amazing!!! that was uber sweet of your server!

    Sarah Kate

    First, can I just say how sweet it is that you are calling him/her Piglet? Warms my heart. :o) Piglet looks just like you in the picture!!! Kidding…

    Best waiter ever. I’m wondering how many free pieces of cake you could get if you told every waiter for the next 9 months that you’re out celebrating your pregnancy? :o)


    Okay that waiter is amazing! When we went out to dinner on my birthday and Alex told them it was my birthday they didn’t do a thing! So yea you waiter rules.
    And glad your doctor is willing to see you a lot– I hope the bleeding just goes away.


    I absolutely could not be happier for you. You look great! It’s great to hear that everything is going good for you! Take it easy, I’m sure Match is willing to help where needed. Just think, next year you’ll be able to dress little Piglet up for Halloween. So much fun!


    Now THAT’S a waiter 🙂 What a guy!

    And please take it easy when you can. Piglet needs the rest, but momma does, too! XOXO

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