My Pinterest Fail

[Rachel tries to install baby-proofing things in the apartment.]
Rachel: Are you saying that women can’t do it?
Joey: Women can do it; you can’t. -Friends

We finally had a cool day on Friday, and I was feeling a bit better from this nasty cold I picked up. I decided to take advantage of the weather and work on a DIY project.
I got these old pallets months ago, and they’ve just been gathering dust while I gather my motivation. I wanted to do this shelf project I found on Pinterest, that came from Little Lucy Lu.

Aren’t they cute? Yeah, I thought so too. I followed her instructions, and cut my pallet. That’s when I realized my pallet wasn’t as nice as hers. I probably should have used a Poly Pallet Cover, because it was all warped and cracked from being outside for months. Mine looked like this, and I was just over it.

So I scraped that project, and may attempt it in the future, with a better pallet.

Have you tried a Pinterest project and failed miserably? Or is that just me?



    I’ve only attempted a wreath and Valentines from Pinterest. I haven’t failed because I’ve only chosen easy things. Ha!


    I have! I have! I can FAIL almost any project. But that would have been cute!


    I had a total pallet fail, too! I wanted to make a pallet headboard (I’ve seen them on a few different blogs). I got the pallets, which were old, cracked, and kind of covered with paint. I borrowed several sanders from my grandfather and was super optimistic. After about five minutes of sanding and seeing no results I gave up. I have no idea where or how people get their hands on gorgeous pallets. Bah.
    I guess it could have been worse because I ended up making them into a compost bin (beside a corner of our fence in our backyard). Still, not what I thought I was getting into.


    I am a sucker for fool-proof Pinterest projects. This one looks like it would be too complicated for me. Sometimes I pin these kinds of things anyway, because I like pretty pictures, but I know in my heart I could never have this come out looking as good.

    I’m sorry it didn’t work for you!


    Wow what an amazing idea. It’s one of those that looks so easy and I bet is super hard and would require (at least for me) the husband to finish. Haha!

    Janette @

    I can’t believe you scrapped the project? After all the liquid nails and everything? Really? I have about 6 of these pallets that I planned to use for Rayne’s party and they sit…. waiting for life to come to them.

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