TTUT on a Wednesday-Vacation Indecision

Lester: Um, listen, we have a few questions regarding these Halloween decorations. Um, What are we allowed to show?
Morgan: What do you mean?
Jeff: I know a really good morgue that gives discounts on unclaimed merchandise. May-be we could sprickle some cold dead ones in here.
Morgan: Right, I’m gonna say no on the the dead bodies.
Jeff: So, what, I just lose my deposit? –Chuck

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

  • Attempting to plan a vacation with Match has been quite frustrating. We couldn’t seem to make a decision about where to go, and everything we found was too expensive. 
  • Finally we decided it’d be smarter to just stick close to home and do a few day trips. I think we’re both excited about that prospect.  He’s looking forward to hunting. I’m looking forward to spending some quiet nights at home by our fire pit, or taking day trips to the coast. 
  • This past week I did a bunch of my Halloween decorating, with a little help from Hippy Family. 

I made bats, we put up cobwebs, and made a silhouette for the window. I’m really excited for Halloween! 



    looks great!!!!!!


    I put out my Halloween decorations last weekend. I need more though. Hopefully I can hit up the stores this weekend to add a few things. Love your bats!

    Impulsive Addict

    I have my Halloween decorations sitting out–waiting to be placed! I’m thinking maybe tmrw when E is at MDO. I don’t get a lot done with her here unless I want her “helping”. Love the bats!!!

    A staycation can be just as fun as a vacation. I think you’ll enjoy it more anyway!

    Thanks for linking up!! Love your face!


    I’m going to be decorating for Halloween next week. What you did looks great!


    Ahhh! Love the decorations! I put out my “fall stuff” a few weeks ago – I have the Halloween decs ready to go, I’m just waiting til after this weekend. It’s our Thanksgiving, and I usually wait til it’s over to put out the skeletons and ghosts and cobwebs. 😉

    Sarah Kate

    I love your bats!! They’re cute! I had to laugh at the cobwebs you added under the TV. EVERY SINGLE morning I have to clean cobwebs off of our TV. We must have some spiders that like to recreate Halloween scenes for us overnight, so my decorating comes without any labor on my part. ;o)


    That silhouette and the bats are AWESOME! 🙂


    Awwww, everything looks great! I have to get on that. I’m the WORST at putting up decorations in time. I should just get a head start now and get out the Christmas stuff 🙂


    You need to come help me decorate- it looks adorable at your house!

    Janette @

    Love your decorations!! I loved your bat idea so much that I used it for my crafty mason jars… yours looks AWESOME! Your party is gonna rock!

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