I’m Going to be a Teacher (Sort of)!

Tony: [reading his fortune cookie message] Love is for the lucky and the brave. Why is that for me?
Danny: Hey man, asking your high school music teacher out qualifies as brave in my book. –NCIS

You know how I recently started going back to church? I’ve been enjoying my time there so much. I feel so welcome and everyone is so positive and uplifting-exactly what I need. Well you know how I have talked about possibly wanting to go back to school to get my teaching credential? Well my church needs teachers for their youth program, and they are willing to train me! I’m really excited about the opportunity. My first teacher’s meeting is next Sunday, and I’ll get to know the other teachers, what the curriculum will be, and what’s expected of me. I’m going to be teaching the pre-k to first grade kids. Pretty much the most adorable age ever!

I think this will be a great way to decide whether this is something I want to pursue. I can’t wait to start singing songs and teaching music to the kiddos too. I may have to get my hands on an old school keyboard and learn to play music. I’ll be Maybe after I have my kids I’ll want to teach full time. Or become a music teacher. Or who knows, subbing might be the perfect part time career for me. Or I may be just happy volunteering at my church as a youth education teacher. Either way, I have a really good feeling about this!



    That is such a great opportunity and I bet you will be amazing at something like that! Getting back into church is something I defintely want to do with Adam when he gets here!

    Trinity B.

    How great that you found a new church home and a new opportunity! Congrats! Teaching can be so rewarding! I’ve taught elementary for the last 10 years and love the age group. I imagine younger ones would be even sweeter. And….they all LOVE music! If you can incorporate music into your teaching, you’ll have their undivided attention. I even tried my hand at rapping out math facts. It was pretty bad I’m sure, but they were impressed. 🙂


    Oh he gets here on Wednesday and I can’t wait. Going to be the longest week ever.


    OMG, girl that’s AWESOME! It’s so funny how many posts I’ve been reading about good fortune just finding US sometimes. It seems like this kind of fell into your lap which is absolutely awesome. I’m sure you’re going to be incredible at your new job and that really is the most adorable group you could be paired with 🙂

    Congrats to you and I can’t wait to see how this all turns out. So proud of you! XOXO


    that’s awesome. you will love teaching the kiddies. it’s amazing how they just look up to you!! plus i’m sure you’ll be absolutely fantastic at it.


    Ohhhh, it’s working again. YAY!! Have a great weekend! XOXO


    Ask and you shall receive… Wow! That’s great!

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