Already Planning My Christmas Gifts

Last year we had just bought the house when the holidays rolled around, so no one expected us to give gifts. This year I don’t think we can use that same excuse. I still don’t plan on breaking the bank, but instead I’d rather come up with gifts from the heart. I want to take each of my loved ones hobbies into consideration and make or buy them something they will truly appreciate.
For my parents, I think some really good foods from this area, and some cooking supplies, since they both love cooking. For other friends, I may do some of the crafts I’ve found on pinterest, like cookie supplies in a mason jar.

Have you started thinking about your Christmas gift list yet? Are you starting this early, or am I the only crazy person?

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    I know it’s around the corner, but I can’t wrap my head around it yet. I need to get over Halloween first. BUT I think it’s awesome you’re a step ahead of the game 🙂 You can talk me off a ledge on the 23rd of December when I haven’t started my shopping yet!

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