The Camping Trip From Hell

(After Josh gets locked in the tent) Josh: Um, could someone…LET ME OUT OF HERE?!! (Shakes the tent all about) I HATE CAMPING, TOO! I’M CLAUSTROPHOBIC! I WOULD LIKE SOME S’MORES! GET ME OUT OF HERE!! –Drake & Josh

Match and I decided that for our 2 year wedding anniversary we would go on a nice camping trip. We left on Tuesday morning with the Jeep loaded up with our gear, eager to get out of town. We drove about 2 hours and got the campground. We were so excited because it was absolutely beautiful. It looked like something out of a philadelphia wedding photography album. If they had running water and flush-able toilets, I could definitely see someone getting married there.

We got out to the Jeep and started unpacking, only to be attacked by swarms of yellow jackets! They were all over us! We didn’t even have our food out and they were buzzing all around us. Poor Monkey was stuck in a cloud of yellow jackets, and I was worried he’d get stung. We finally decided we couldn’t handle it and ended up packing up and leaving.

We were both so disappointed because we loved the campground. There was no one else there, and it would have been so peaceful, if not for the evil bees. We ended up arguing and taking out our frustrations on each other. We weren’t even mad at each other, just the situation. We both calmed down, and decided we’d try to camp at a different spot, up in Lake Sonoma. It was another hour’s drive, but we had our hearts set on camping, so away we went.

We got there and the place was absolutely gorgeous. There were barely any other campers, and it was again, so peaceful.

That is, until we started cooking dinner. Unfortunately there were yellow jackets at this campground too, but they weren’t quite as bad as the first place. We managed to make it through dinner without getting stung, but they yellow jackets kept buzzing all over our food.

After dinner, it started cooling down and the bees went to bed. We were FINALLY able to relax and got ready to go on a hike. I told Match that I was so proud of Monkey for being so good. “He didn’t whine once this whole time!” At that point we looked over at him, and I noticed he looked really strange.

I called to him, and it took him a few minutes to get up. Then when he tried walking towards me he was wobbling, and then he just collapsed. I rushed over to him and checked him all over. He wasn’t swollen like from a bee sting, but he was definitely not feeling well. His nose was dry, he was lethargic, and he started peeing everywhere. I was so scared for my sweet little furbaby. I looked at Match who just got up and started packing up camp. Meanwhile I’m crying, and I just kept saying that I couldn’t handle this right now, and that I couldn’t lose him.

We rushed him to the ER, which was a 45 minute drive. We got there, and I explained his symptoms stating I thought it was a reaction to yellow jacket venom. They took one look at him and said, “Nope, it looks like he got into some marijuana.” Match and I just laughed and said, “What?! We don’t smoke, Match is a Sheriff Deputy!” Then I remembered that I’d seen Monkey eating something black, that looked like poop. I didn’t think anything of it, but looking back, it is possible that it was a burnt pot cookie. The doctor said she sees animals come in at least once a week with marijuana induced toxic reactions.

 snuggling in the waiting room at the ER with my Monkey. He just wanted his mama while he was out of it. He’d freak whenever I moved away from him. Poor lil love! 

To all of those out there who indulge in a little reefer-it’s NOT cool to give it to your pet. Apparently it’s quite toxic and could have been killed our dog. I was beyond angry that someone would be so irresponsible as to leave their drug cookie out like that. I wish I could send them the giant vet bill! That said, after we knew he’d be ok, and after his little stomach was pumped, it was sort of funny to watch him trip out. The poor little guy was so out of it, and he just seemed like all he wanted was not to be high anymore. That’s exactly how I felt when I used to get high. Ughhh just make it stop!

We ended up spending the night with the in-laws since their house was nearby. I spent the whole night awake dealing with the puppy, and cleaning him up after the activated charcoal gave him massive black diarrhea ALL OVER his crate, and my mother-in-law’s nice guest room.

When we woke up Monkey was feeling a lot better. It was such a relief to see him wagging his tail and actually recognizing me when I came into the room. Match and I salvaged a bit of our “camping trip” by going for a hike near his parents house.

Then we treated his parents to Vietnamese takeout from our favorite restaurant that we used to go to all the time when we first started dating. We treated as a thank you for putting up with unexpected houseguests and a very sick grandpuppy. That night they had a bonfire for us, and we kicked back with wine and whiskey. It was a pretty good end to what had been the trip from hell.

When we got home the next day, Match said it was a shame that I had to miss out on my smores, so we cooked up a few on the stove.

And that ends the tale of the camping trip from hell. We tease Monkey and call him our little stoner puppy now. He’s been pretty darn mellow ever since the incident. Let’s hope that’s the one good thing to come out of his experience!

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    Sarah Kate

    Oh my gosh!!! Knowing what made him sick actually makes this a pretty funny story!!! I’m glad he’s okay. I can’t believe someone would just leave that out on the ground. Most people wouldn’t want to waste their pot like that, right? ;o)

    Soo, ummm, happy anniversary, I guess! It’s one to remember at least!


    Ohhh, poor Monkey! I hope he’s all better now. Although I will admit chuckling at the story. This was certainly a memorable trip for you guys- a funny story you can tell forever! 🙂


    Ack! Don’t you just hate when unforseen circumstances kill a good time?! I can’t believe your dog got high…that’s crazy!! But I’m glad to hear you guys did your best to still have a good time, despite the obstacles. Hopefully your next camping trip is better! 🙂


    It’s not funny, but it makes for a great story. I’m glad he’s ok.


    OMG how random is that?!? I am glad your dog is ok though and at least you have an interesting story to tell!


    omg. what a story! i gasped when i read about monkey, then i had to laugh. i mean it’s not funny. but wow. i know i would have freaked out if my pup started acting that way too. i’m glad that he’s ok and that the weekend ended up working out (even if you didn’t go camping). happy 2 year anniv!!!


    Holy crap! What a crap trip, literally!

    I’m only giggling a little about the stoner pup…only cuz I know he’s okay. 🙂

    Impulsive Addict

    OMG! I was so scared this was going to have a bad ending. THANK GOD it didn’t. I hate to hear that he got so sick. I’m glad you were able to enjoy a little bit of camping but it sounds like you’ll need a re-do in the near future! GEEZ! Poor lil Monkey!

    Thanks for linking up with us! Miss ya!


    I’ve had some bad trips but that ranks right up there! SO GLAD you got your s’mores in! Those things are so addictive!


    Any trip would be destroyed by those incidents. Glad to know Monkey is OK.

    Lady goo goo gaga

    That sounds horrific!! Next time stay in a luxurious resort!!

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