TTUT-End of Summer Update

Ew he even sounds mean… Like the end of Summer! -Quinn, One Tree Hill

 with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

My Uncle and his family came to stay with me on Friday. It was so much fun! That’s two weekends in a row that my house has been full with people. I heart a full house! My aunt is a licensed therapist, and she took one look at me and declared that we needed to have some retail therapy.

Most of my clothes are older than my relationship with Match, eep! I also happen to be guilty of wearing clothes that are too big, because they are cozy. This does nothing to flatter my figure. So my aunt went in attack mode, grabbing clothing off the shelves and ordering me to try them on. That’s truly the only way to shop with me. I’m such a cheapskate. She also forced me out of my comfort zone and into smaller sizes that flattered me.

She insisted on buying me everything, which was over the top generous. I would never have bought all those tops for myself. I can’t wait to model them for Match. It really is amazing what the right fitting top can do for your confidence.

We had dinner downtown at my favorite sushi joint. It was so good to see my family and get some quality time together.

I’ve been kicking my booty at the gym. So far I’ve done the step class, cardio kickboxing and zumba. Kickboxing and zumba are my favorites. I could NOT keep up with those old ladies in step. It was ridiculously complicated. Zumba was too, but as long as I wiggled I looked like I knew what I was doing. So far I’ve lost 3 pounds and I’m feeling fantastic. Working out is my therapy, and boy do I need it. I also love that our gym has close captioning on their tvs, so I can watch one of their tv stands from anywhere in the cardio area while I work out. It makes the workout go by so much faster!

I love having Match go to the gym too. It reminds me of when we first started dating-we’ll catch each other’s eye across the gym and wink. I love stealing a quick sweating kiss in between workouts too. Plus all the endorphins make us both feel a little frisky! 😉

I’m loving the cooler weather. It’s still pretty hot during the day, but it’s starting to cool off at night. I can’t wait to use our firepit again. I’ve got a backyard update to show you in my next post. Til then, catch me up on your end of summer. Whatcha been up to?




    Love love LOVE kick! I take it twice a week and it has become a social event almost for my girlfriends and I. We have all taken the class for years and are now good friends. We go out to lunch (read go drink wine) every couple of weeks. Good for you! Zumba is fun, but a touch too dancy for me.


    I have been thinking about taking a step class. the zumba is “after hours” and at a certain time of the day, I just wind down to a puddle on the couch and there’s no way I’m wiggle my parts!!


    Ahh, my aunt used to take me on shopping trips and it was always so much fun! (She had 2 boys, and delighted in taking a girl shopping!) I soo need some new clothes.
    I love Zumba…It usually takes me a few classes to get into the routine, but you’re right – as long as you wiggle, it’s all good! 😉


    I love doing Zumba, but finding the time to take a class is next to impossible. I’m thinking about renting the zumba video for the Wii and trying that out for workouts when I can’t run do to weather. Love the dancing exercise.


    retail therapy is the best. ever. a girl needs it every once in a while. yay for you and even better that it was a treat!!
    you are so right about the exercising. it feels so great (after!) haha. congrats on the 3lbs!! i like reading these happy posts. they make me smile 🙂 xo from the ec!

    Sarah Kate

    I love it when Cory runs with me, too! He normally runs right behind me so he can stare at my butt. ;o) Between the shopping and the working out, you must be in the best mental health of your life! ;o)

    It’s true what the right outfit can do! I’m so glad you got a closet redo from your aunt. So sweet of her! I am guilty of the same thing – all of my clothes are from high school which was 10 years ago. Embarassing. I have the money to buy new ones, but no desire to shop. Blah.


    Now that is a good aunt! I need someone to come do that for me– and especially if I knew someone else was treating I think I might be able to find lots of things I liked 🙂

    Love sushi! Zumba is so much fun– but especially when I first started I felt like such a white girl who had no rhythm!


    Retail therapy!! YAY!!!
    Working out…yay…? LOL


    Yay! I’m so glad that there’s been good stuff happening lately. Dan and I would go to the gym together every day when we were dating- it was a lot of fun.

    Eek, I can’t believe summer is almost over! I’ve been busy trying to think of things to do this long weekend since out original plans fell through.

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