Carmel Year 4-All About the Dogs

Hilda: And then all the money was gone.
Racine: We didn’t just spend it, we invested some of it.
Boyd: Yeah, who knew chihuahua racing wouldn’t take off.
Hilda: Ah everyone? –Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Carmel was once again a wonderful vacation. We stopped off in Santa Cruz, and the weather was perfect.

The first day we camped out in Monterey. It was the first time we’ve camped together with Monkey, and years since the last time I took him camping. He did a great job! He just cuddled his tiger and kept watch over our campsite.

He was also a trooper and humored us on a very long hike in the woods nearby. Apparently we don’t know that vacations=relaxing. I haven’t hiked a hill that steep in a long time!

We headed to Carmel Tuesday after an awesome breakfast and walk in downtown Monterey.

We met up with Match’s parents at the vacation rental, cooked an awesome dinner and lounged around the house. They upgraded to a different rental house, and this one has a lot more space. No more sleeping in the living room like last year! We had a whole floor to ourselves, and a lot more privacy.

On Wednesday we beelined for the beach, because it was a rare sunny day. It was the perfect temperature outside: mid 70s. I would take that over triple digits any day!

After the beach, we headed back to the house and greeted Travel Girl, Match’s little sister. She arrived with her new puppy, Chiweenie. I nickname him that because he’s a Chihuahua Dachshund mix. We were worried he wouldn’t get along with the other dogs, or that he’d be a biter, like most little dogs are.

Luckily, Chiweenie warmed up to us after just a few hours. He liked Monkey immediately. He was a little scared of Poodle, but they made nice eventually.

That night we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant in the Carmel valley. We all drank giant margaritas and ate delicious food.

That night we took our little herd for a walk. I love how the dogs are small, medium, and large. 🙂

We had a great time visiting with the family, and meeting our new “nephew” Chiweenie. We felt like we needed one more day to truly enjoy ourselves. But there’s always next year!



    I love the last picture of you guys and the dogs! So cute. I’m glad you had a great trip, Carmel looks like such a fun place to visit! You know what? I’m already starting to miss the beach a little bit.

    Sarah Kate

    You look gorgeous in that second to last picture!!!! Frame that one!!

    I’m so glad ya’ll had such a good vacation! Hiking, beach time, margaritas…sounds like paradise!


    i love the pictures! you both look so happy 🙂

    monkey is so stinkin cute. love it!!!

    Janette @

    I just love the picture of you and Match– so cute of both of you!!! You should frame it. I am glad you had so much fun on your trip.. Ya’ll def. deserve the time away to rest and relax together. I envy that!! Pups are so cute!! Love that your pup gets to travel too!


    Glad you were able to get away and have some nice, relaxing fun. Jealous!

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