TTUT-Martinis and DIY

We were gonna go to Atlantic City. We were going to sit at a Blackjack table at 11:59 and order martinis. We were gonna play 21 when she turned 21. Then were were going to buy 21 things. And there’s a thing about 21 guys that wouldn’t be appropriate since the engagement, but it was a good plan.-Lorelai, Gilmore Girls

 with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

  • Sunday I took Couple Wife out for her birthday. We’ve been talking about going out for martinis for years and we finally did it!  I really needed that night out. I’d been in a funk for the last few days, and it was just the escape I needed. CW always knows how to cheer me up. The martinis helped too. 😉 

  • Yesterday was the kick off to Match’s 4 day weekends. Have I mentioned how much I love those? We took a drive to visit Good Couple and their twinsies. It was definitely bittersweet for us. Match and I both love seeing babies, but it’s SO SO hard at the same time. 
  • I think next week we’ll take a little break from seeing kids and just spend some quality grown up time together. 
  • I’ve been on the hunt for DIY projects to work on around the house. I finished up with our outlets and switches. Oh yeah, Mrs. Match aka. Electrician! I installed most of them by myself-without getting shocked! They’re a subtle change, but I love it. 

  • I finished the guest bathroom mirror frame. Two down, one more to go!
  • I also took the time to work on this project I found on Pinterest. Check out those beautifully folded shirts. I know it seems silly, but I can’t tell you how aggravating it is to try to put away Match’s clean shirts. This is what his dresser usually looks like:

  • and this is what it looks like now, thanks to my recent pin. So much organized bliss!

  • The tutorial for how to fold these shirts can be found here.
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    Stacy Uncorked

    A night out with a friend and any alcoholic beverage is necessary to chase away the funk. 😉

    4 day weekends would be awesome – unlike the hubby’s schedule this week of a split shift since he’s teaching the night class and covering for another instructor for the morning class. Makes for long days not only for him, but me, too! 🙂

    Way to go on your DIY projects! The ‘subtle change’ is more than subtle in a positive way. 😉 And I LOVE the newly organized drawers – I’m going to have to do that to the hubby’s drawers. 🙂

    Heat and Sleep, Ice Cream Fun, Compliment, BlogHer ’12 and I’m With Stupid – RTT Rebel

    Sarah Kate

    Thos switches and outlets are the same ones we put in our house! You’re right about the change it makes! Those old ones are just so 80’s and 90’s!

    The drawers look fabulous, too! How do you keep your clothes from getting wrinkled if you fold them? We hang everything up because the thought of ironing makes me want to gag.

    Kenzie R.

    It’s always wonderful to have a night out!
    I love all of your diy projects – looks like they have been keeping you busy. I definitely have a 101 projects I want to do, just haven’t gotten around to doing yet haha.

    Heather's Happenings

    I am in desperate need of a girls night out without any children and some alcohol!

    I need to start some organization projects, it seems so cluttered here.


    Those drawers look great. I think I might have to do the same to Nick’s drawers. It would make his shirt hunts easier.


    I so need to find this shirt thing and try that. Our dresser is horrid!


    I’d love a good GNO… I admit to being a little disappointed when a friend of mine tried to round up the troops for my b-day dinner this upcoming weekend, and everyone was either busy, out of town, or couldn’t find baby-sitters. 🙁
    I’ve been feeling like I’m in a funk the past week…I need to find someone to come out for drinks with me!


    I wish I loved martinis. I love vodka and olives so I’m unclear as to how it’s lost in translation. What did you do to the mirror?


    Come organize me!!
    I had a dirty martini once. Like one drink of it. I didn’t like it at all. I’m a weenie!
    But I would take one to help me get THROUGH the DIY.


    Those drawers look fab! I love doing little projects like that. Except when I do them, I get all impressed with myself and Adam doesn’t even notice. *sigh*


    Awesome job on the switches! Very impressed! Looks much better. Glad you had a fun night out

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