Summer Vox Box

Keith: What’s up, honey?
Veronica: Wallace is having a little trouble giving me a urine sample.
Keith: Can’t you talk on the phone and paint your nails like other girls? -Veronica Mars

I just got my summer vox box from Influenster yesterday! I love getting fun packages in the mail. This vox box included Magnet Nails by Sally Hansen, Sally Hansen Nail & Cuticle Hand Cream, Quaker Oat banana nut bar, Hawaii Tropic Sunscreen, and tampax Radiant collection of feminine products.

I ate the quaker bar before taking this picture. Whoops! I guess that shows that it was good right? I liked the flavor, and it was the perfect snack for on the go.

I had a lot of fun with the nail polish. I don’t normally paint my nails, only my toes, but this was too fun to resist. You paint your nails with the first coat like this:

then you paint another thicker coat on top, and immediately hold the handy dandy magnet cap over the nail. 

and then your nail looks like this:

it’s fun and different than your typical nail polish. I like it!

I also loved the little purse that tampax included with their new line of feminine products.

I haven’t had a chance to try out the products themselves, and honestly, that’ll probably be tmi! I will say I love tampax products and I’m sure I’ll like the new radiant line.

Unfortunately both the Nail cream and the sunscreen are scented, which I’m allergic to. But I plan to keep them in the guest bathroom for future guests to use.

Do you use Influenster? If not, go check them out. I love getting free products to test out and review!



    Haha, sorry if this is TMI but I tried the tampax radiants a few days ago (they were a freebie with a box of tampax pearls I was buying) and was NOT a fan! I have been so tempted to sign up for some sort of monthly sample box- they look like so much fun!

    Meghan Furst

    Don’t use tampons – so don’t care. I love snacks & will try that Quaker Oat Banana Bar. I haven’t really found a bar that I like – that doesn’t give my stomach a problem (something to do with the oils they use).

    Now, about this nail polish, which I wear religiously – does it make a swirl design on the polish? The concept is really cool anyway. I also wonder if one would have trouble getting through the airport check out line? Since obviously, there are metals in the polish.

    *Influenster does sound like a good thing to sign up for.

    Thx ~ Megs


    DAMN IT!! I wanted the summer box but I was too damn lazy to get my crap done for the mom box. I wanted that nail polish. BOO. LOL


    Am going to try the Influencer. Cool! Do you know about Birchbox? It is a monthly package with samples from high end cosmetics. It’s $10 a month and it’s kind of like Christmas when it comes! Also what’s the deal with the magnet. Does the polish dry faster or does it look differently from regularly dried polish?


    reading my mind! was going to ask about influencer!

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