TTUT-OCD and Honey Do Lists

I have OCD. I throw away a broom after I’ve used it once, and you think I’m gonna get married at a campground? -Emma, Glee

 with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

  • Had a long overdue lunch last week with Mrs. Makeup. Got some really cool stuff from her that I will be talking about on the RCL later this month. Check out this week’s entries. We’re kicking off the Swag Countdown. There are a lot of really cool companies we’re reviewing, and there may be something in it for you too!
  • Speaking of old friends, another class of 01’er, Hippy Chick, is moving to the area. Not just to Cali, but to MY TOWN. How crazy is that? She just recently had a baby, and her and her hubby are moving here so he can go to grad school nearby. I’m thinking a reunion with her and MM is in order. In my small graduating class of only 60 kids, there are now 3 of us living within an hour of each other. I love how life works out sometimes.
  • I’ve been battling with the home warranty company again. I should get a liability insurance quote for a new company once ours expires. I’m sick of being on hold for 30 minutes for their error!
  • I’ve been a busy bee this week prepping the house for our potluck on  Sunday. It’s a goodbye party for Monica, and also a kick off to Match’s week off work/moving to DAY SHIFT.
  • With all the cleaning and my OCD, I was getting sick of the dog hair. So I decided to take action and attack the hair at its source! Lucky for me, Monkey actually didn’t seem to mind it!

  • I’m so unbelievably excited for Match’s schedule change. I think it will do wonders for us both. It will also mean 4 days off per week, except when he does overtime. We’ll be able to go on mini vacations, and get so much done around the house. Poor Match-I’m already working on a huge honey do list. 🙂
  • The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is getting to sleep next to each other every night. I really miss that 4 nights out of the week. I’m hoping this new schedule will make him less grumpy too. It’s so hard on the body to stay awake all night, and during his work weeks he can be such an old grouch! Here’s hoping the day shift makes him a happier camper!


    I always hated the hoot shifts. Who’s gonna hug me when I have nightmares?? Such is life in law enforcement.


    i love that picture of you and monkey. when i whip the vacuum out, my pup runs up to it and barks like there’s no tomorrow. i’m happy that match will be back to a ‘normal’ schedule. that should make the match household happier for sure 🙂


    ha! See, if I had a dog, I’d always be vaccuuming it! lol! My one main reason for not having pets…I don’t think I could deal with the hair.
    Glad to hear Match is going to day shift! I’m sure you’ll both be much happier for it!! 🙂


    I used to vacuum my old hairy lab all the time. So I’m not the only crazy one out there. Not pointing fingers!


    That’s great on the schedule. My husband is a pilot and is on call almost all the time- at least he is home, but we cannot plan anything =(
    I will be honest with you- sometimes sharing a bed is a tad overrated and I am begging him to get a trip so I can sleep in the middle!

    Seriously Shawn

    YAY for sleeping together! I also think that it would be less dangerous working days, no? So their schedule is like a firefighters?

    I wish my dogs would let me vacuum them, life would be so much easier!

    Thanks for linking up with us!


    A shift to the days would help my mood–hope it works for Match. If the dog and cat wouldn’t run from the vacuum like it was possessed, I’d try that on them.

    Impulsive Addict

    Yaaay!! He FINALLY gets to get on DAYS! I know you’ve both wanted that for so long!!! Yes, having a cuddle partner every night is nice!

    I love that you have some friends near you! I want some friends in HELL. I have one and she’s great but I need more.

    Thanks for linking up, Sweets! (I’m blogging from my phone and it sucks balls). xoxo

    Sarah Kate

    I’m so glad he is going to be on days like a regular person! :o) And having four days off in a row will be amazing!

    P.S. I like these little glimpses into your home! One of these days you need to post a house tour!

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