Restaurant Hopping in Napa

Rory: Well, tonight I’m meeting him in Manhattan to celebrate.
Lorelai: Fancy restaurant?
Rory: Rutabaga farm, actually. –Gilmore Girls

I feel like I’ve been bouncing around like a yomega yoyo this month. It’s only halfway through the month but I feel like I’ve done more in the past 2 weeks than I did for the entire month of May.

Last weekend we went to Napa with Walking Couple. We had this idea to go restaurant hopping; where we’d eat appetizers at one place, dinner at another, and dessert at another. We ended up having to wait too long to eat, so we had appetizers and dinner at one place. We were able to eat outside, and the weather was lovely.

It was an off night for Walking Couple. They were both tired from spending all day at a theme park with their kiddos. I think we all got a little bummed out when we saw the prices at the restaurant too. Poor Match-his meal was ridiculously overpriced and all he got were 5 sad little raviolis.  It didn’t help that Walking Buddy said her and Walking Guy had been fighting all day. There was an undercurrent of tension between the two of them that normally isn’t there.

The highlight was that we both got dressed up and Match couldn’t stop cuddling me. Sometimes it pays to fix my hair and wear uncomfortably tight jeans. 😉

We did have fun at a sushi place we found after the restaurant, where we ate dessert and shared drinks in the lounge.

I think we’ll definitely try restaurant hopping again, but next time when Walking Couple is fully rested, and in a town with more reasonable prices. Napa is a bit bloated and full of itself!




    Some restaurants are full of themselves.
    At least you had a fun dessert.


    I LOVE that picture of you two!!! SO stinkin’ cute!!!! How fun!! I want to go restaurant hopping!


    you look fantastic!!! that is such a great picture of the two of you 🙂


    That does sound like a fun date idea- too bad it didn’t work out as planned. Hopefully things are okay with Walking couple
    You are beautiful!!


    Awwww, you guys are such a sweet, adorable couple. SO CUTE!

    And also love this idea of trying out apps in one place, an entree elsewhere, and dessert at a third destination. Fabulous!

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