Finally Finished My DIY Project

Stoick: Uh, you go first.
Hiccup: No, no, you go first.
Stoick: All right. [takes another deep breath] You get your wish. Dragon Training. You start in the morning.
Hiccup: Oh man, I should have gone first! Uh, ’cause I was thinking… You know, we have a surplus of dragon-fighting Vikings. But do we have enough… bread-making Vikings? Or small home repair Vikings? –How to Train Your Dragon

The doors and baseboards are DONE! With just barely any time to spare, as Monica, Chandler and Tahoe Girl will be here tonight! I painted 10 doors, and then all of the baseboards in the entire first floor. The baseboards were by far the toughest. All the hard work paid off though. Check them out! I feel like the new look has brought the house into this decade.

It’s amazing how just a little white makes the tan of the walls pop. I feel like our wedding photographers raleigh nc pictures on the wall really stand out now.

I love how the doors lighten up the upstairs. We often close the doors to prevent Monkey from getting his hair everywhere, and these white doors make it look less cave-like.

Remember way back when I painted the bathroom cabinets? Doesn’t the white make the mocha just pop? Well worth the hard work!

Now I just have to tackle our outlets and switches, which should be an easy fix. I’m planning on doing frames around the bathroom mirrors and then all three bathrooms will be completely updated.

Now I’m so tempted to tackle the kitchen cabinets and paint them as well. I think I’ll have to wait until we get new lighting. My back needs a little break from all this painting. Who knew it was such a workout too? My arms are so sore!



    Wow, they look great! They really do make the tan walls stand out, honestly I didn’t notice that they were tan in the before pictures! Great job!


    WOW!! You worked fast!! Good job!


    looks great!!
    how are you planning on putting frames around your mirrors? they look like mine and that sounds like a fabu idea… 🙂


    I am so inspired – have totally been trying to psych myself up to do this in my own house.

    Kenzie R.

    It looks incredible! You did such an awesome job. It really does brighten things up.


    Wow! Looks great!

    I can’t paint worth a crap, so good for you! It looks great.

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