TTUT-My House in Chaos

 with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

  • My house is in chaos with this painting project. We only have two doors up, and all of the bathroom doors are being painted. For the first time my house is NOT company ready.
  • Monica, Chandler and Tahoe Girl are coming to visit on Wednesday. Ack! This means I have to get at least one bathroom door put up by then.
  • My OCD demands that all of the doors be finished by then.
  • For once I’m grateful for the heat. Dry paint DRY!!
  • This project has made me add to our ever growing list of DIY projects, and projects we need to save up for to have a contractor do. Why didn’t we buy gold bars when our friend gave us that advice a few years ago? We’d actually have the money to pay someone to do all of this stuff.
  • I guess the DIY part is pretty satisfying when it’s all done.
  • Hopefully I get these doors finished by tomorrow. Or I’ll be seeing a lot more of my house guests than I would like!

    Heather's Happenings

    Hope that door drys fast! I need to get motivated and get some DIY done around here.

    Impulsive Addict

    You better WORK! {Courtesy of RuPaul}. That clock is ticking!! Get the doors DONE!

    How was that? Motivated? Why are you still reading comments? GET BACK TO WORK!!!

    No, seriously, have a nice visit with them! Thanks for linking up, Dollface! xoxo


    Good luck! Hopefully you work well under pressure!?


    I have been plagued by door issues since we put hardwoods in five years ago. All my doors are 2 inches too short! Finally got the go ahead to replace said doors six weeks ago and they still haven’t been ordered! Also at my house, OCD is an OC-Do”


    Hahaha, yeah, seeing more of your house guests than you’d like. LOL

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