Unique Gifts

Prue: My sisters and I, we have special gifts.
Allison Michaels: Gifts? What kind of gifts?
Prue: Ones you can’t return. Let’s just say we come from an interesting kind of family tree. –Charmed 

I know Christmas is pretty far away, but I like to come up with ideas early. I’ve decided that personal creations gifts are the best way to go when it comes to gift giving. I hate the idea of doing generic gifts for my closest friends and family.

I’ve started pinning different ideas for fun gifts, and I think I might start on them early. My goal is to have all of my gifts made and ready for Christmas. Am I the only weirdo who thinks about Christmas gifts this early?


    Emmy Mom

    My MIL starts shopping the day after Christmas for next Christmas and is definitely by now already making things. So you aren’t the only one 🙂

    Meghan Furst



    I like to think about shopping for Christmas gifts early, but I never purchase any early. FAIL!

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