Hot Summer Nights

Am I the only one who thinks that summer is overrated? So many people I know always rave about summertime, and how they can’t wait for summer. These people must live in places that snow. For me, I revel in the fall and spring. When the temperatures aren’t harsh, but they aren’t bleak like winter, or hot as hell like our summers.

Match and I tried to take a walk this evening, and not only was it at least 85 degrees at 9PM, but the air was so thick with bugs I felt like I needed fly sheets just to walk without bugs flying in my face. Ughhhh.

I think I’d feel differently if I had a pool. I keep teasing the neighbors behind us who have a pool. I keep telling them I’m going to make a gate in our shared fence so I can just stop by whenever I please. The funny part is they think I’m joking…



    Ha ha I have to agree. I love the fall! I think it’s mostly because it’s finally not 120 degrees anymore and by that point, I’m totally over it. We have a pool but sometimes I just don’t even want to be outside, pool or not.

    I agree 100%. I am so over summer already. It’s supposed to be 100 this weekend. I may die.

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