Health Kick

King Kashue: “Trestkon! It’s been quite a while. What have you been up to all this time? Cooking moose-kebabs over a polar bear dung fire?”
Trestkon: “I’ll have you know that moose-kebabs are a healthy part of any diet. You wanted to talk to me… Oration Monkey?” –The Nameless Mod

This past week Match and I have started on a health kick. We’re taking all of the recipes we normally make, from steak recipes, down to our pasta staples, and putting a healthy swing on them.

I’m amazed at how much a few substitutions can change a meal. We’re finding that we’re consuming less calories, and we’re feeling so much better after each meal. I’m not feeling as bloated, or gross after dinner. My hope is this combination of healthy eating and my increased exercise will help me shed those last 5 pounds that are hanging out on my midsection. Wish me luck!

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