Father’s Day Ideas

Narrator: When it comes to Father’s Day, nobody gave a damn.
Restaurant Manager: It’s Father’s Day, people! Come on down to Pastures and Shores! The food is half-price! [a family approaches] ¡Buenas noches! ¿Cómo se dice half-off?
Narrator: The movies are terrible..
Black Man[as everyone is running out of the theater] Aaah! Turn it off! Turn it off!Narrator: The gifts suck…
Wife: Ta-daa!
Husband: What the hell is this?
Wife: It’s a parking space, honey. We got you a parking space!
Narrator: Better park and be happy.
Everybody Hates Chris

Father’s Day is just a few days away. Just like Mother’s Day this year I didn’t do anything. I feel so bad about it, but luckily my parents are very understanding. My family is pretty laid back when it comes to gifts. We prefer to just visit in person and do things like home cooked meals or go out to dinner together. I just wish they lived closer so we could do that more often.

I wish I’d gotten my act together and gotten something special for Match. He did such a good job of making me feel special on Mother’s Day. We didn’t exchange gifts or anything, but we spent quality time together. I am planning on making him a nice dinner, and maybe we’ll go for a hike, if we don’t head over to his parents house. For those of you that slacked like me, there are some cool last minute gifts you can get the Daddies in your life- click here to check them out. Next year I hope that we’ll be on our way to having another baby, and Father’s Day will be a much more joyous holiday for us both.

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