Busy Busy Summer

Hanna: I cannot believe Spencer Hastings actually has time to shop. I mean, you’re interning for the mayor, taking classes at Hollis, and redoing the barn. And in your leisure moments you Facebook and tweet.
Spencer: You know me. I like to stay busy.
Hanna: It’s called a summer vacay, Spence. –Pretty Little Liars

Ever since the wedding we went to last month, it feels like our summer has kicked into high gear. We have had:

  • a pool party
  • a house guest
  • lunch dates
  • double dates
  •  This weekend we’re meeting up with Travel Couple for a fun night of restaurant hopping in Napa
  • next week I have a girl’s night to go to for Lil Sis’s college graduation.
  • Finally, we’re throwing Monica a going away party next month before she heads back to Scotland.
  • Whew!

In between all of these fun social plans, we’re also working on a few DIY projects around the house. I’m learning how to do leather repair and attempting a green thumb. I also have a pretty big blog project in the works that I’m really excited about. So many fun things ahead for this summer! What’s keeping you busy?



    Welp, I’m tired now!

    Heather's Happenings

    You are super busy!
    I want to take a week just to relax now that Ryan is out of school.

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