Butterflies About Seeing Friends Again

We are heading to a wedding this weekend, and I have nervous butterflies over it. It will be the first time I’ve seen any of our friends in “The Group” since we lost Roo. We’ve been growing apart from some of them for awhile. They’re just not in the same place as we are. A lot of them love to party it up and drink every weekend, while Match and I prefer mellow nights at home. They’re not looking to move forward and grow up, while Match and I can’t wait to start a family.

I’m worried about how I’ll be, and that I won’t be fun anymore.  Losing Roo changed me to my core, and I know I will never be exactly the same as I was. I don’t wish to be either. I just hope I still enjoy being around the group. I can’t wait to see Chandler and Monica though. Monica has been so supportive, even all the way in Scotland. We’ve talked about everything in detail, and she’s been an ear to listen. Tahoe Couple on the other hand…well we didn’t even hear from them when everything happened, and they live just an hour away from us. I talked to her yesterday and she didn’t mention our loss once. She just talked about mundane, superficial things, and all I wanted to do was hang up the phone. I know some people don’t know how to react to tragedy, and like to pretend it didn’t happen. I just don’t know if I care to spend much time with those people.

So wish us luck. The wedding is for Chandler’s older brother. It’s so nice that they invited us, even though we’re not that close. It’ll be good food, drinks, and probably some dancing. I’m hoping to get into the spirit of things. I love a good wedding, where it seems like you fall in love with your partner all over again. I think we’ll have fun, and we’ll dance and enjoy ourselves. But I don’t think we’ll be getting hammered, or playing drinking games until the wee hours of the night. I’m pretty sure we’ll head home early for some snuggle time and a comfy bed. Now that sounds like a good time to me!



    OK, here is your mantra;

    this too will pass
    this too will pass


    What doesn’t kill me will make me stronger (stealing a song lyric), but I think it is soooo appropo(?)

    Have fun with your husband and forget all the other people


    Meghan Furst

    Ya – you’ll probably think those people are boring and stupid & they’ll think you’re irrelevant. All of which, of course, is true.

    They ARE stupid and boring and shallow. And, you’ve moved on. You can still be in love with your partner at the wedding. And, wish the happy couple the best of everything. Plus – you’re still Hot! & the guys will def have their eyes on you. Lol.

    Brittany E.

    My goodness I love a wedding since I got married and you are right they are just so romantic when you are with your partner!

    I would be so nervous too, and it is always weird/sad when you start to outgrow your friends. But its kind of liberating too to know your priorities and who you want in your life. And when something like that happens you really do find out who your friends are.


    I hope it doesn’t end up being to awkward for you and that you two have a good time! You’re right, a lot of people don’t know how to react to tragedy, unfortunately. I think some people think if they don’t talk about it they don’t have to acknowledge the fact that it happened, when in reality you’re just making it harder on the ones who suffered the loss. Just hold on to the good friends you have, you know they’ll be there for you no matter what!


    Well hopefully it will be good, and if not, then hopefully it will pass quickly!


    Good luck and I pray you will have a great time. Remember Roo is part of you, so if you’re happy, she is happy too


    I hope you two were able to have a good time and enjoy being with your friends.

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