TTUT-Getting My Motivation On

Trish: [sniffing] Do you smell that? Marshall: No. Trish: Smells like there’s a little bitch in my gym. Are you being a little bitch in my gym? Marshall: No. Trish: Then get on the floor and give me a hundred!-How I Met Your Mother

 with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

  • First off I can’t believe I didn’t post for a whole week. Holy crow that’s a long time for me. I was caught up with a busy whirlwind week and weekend.
  • I’ve started working out again and instead of spending my days inside, I’ve been lacing up my running shoes and hitting the pavement. I can’t tell you how DAMN GOOD it feels to exercise again. I’m starting to get my body back, and I feel more like myself than I have in months. This past week has been the first week I could jog without pain in my lower abdomen/uterus, and it felt so so good to get back out there.


My goal is to get in the best shape I possibly can before we start trying for our next baby. I want to have a strong, healthy core. The endorphin kick I get doesn’t hurt either.  I do not want to have to worry about having to get a tummy tuck to fix the stomach area

  • This past Friday Match and I went to watch his fellow SERT team members (Sheriff Emergency Response Team) compete in a competition against other SERT team members from different departments. Match was sad that he couldn’t compete, but because he’d missed so many practices because of bereavement, he couldn’t participate. I could tell it was killing him. Hopefully next year!
  •  It was really exciting to watch them compete, and I was blown away by the women on the teams. Here they were, doing the exact same events as the men, and some were outdoing them. These women are seriously hardcore. I’m totally inspired to kick up my workouts a notch. If they can scale 8 foot walls, run, lift super heavy steel pipes, and go through obstacle courses, then I can make it through my 10 min ab workout video. NO EXCUSES!
  • I don’t want to have to worry about looking at liposuction down the road. I know liposuction prices can vary, but I’d rather go without it if I can help it!
  • I really don’t want to be that girl who can only fit into plus size quinceanera dresses.

  • The weekend went by way too fast. Match only really had one day off, since he was busy helping out with the SERT team all Friday. Saturday was spent snuggling on the couch and relaxing.
  • Sunday I had a down day. One where I woke up so sad and missing Roo so much it made my chest ache. My solution for days like this is to head to yard work. You’d be amazed at how therapeutic pulling on stubborn weeds can be. I also mowed the lawn. I’ve never operated a lawn mower. I may have missed a few spots, but I was pretty proud of myself.
  • Yesterday I got to spend the day with Good Wife and her 15 week old twin boys. I went with them to check out a home they’re hoping to rent in their hometown, about an hour and a half from us. They are so much cuteness, but so much work! I  don’t know how she does it every day. When one stopped crying, the other would start! I had fun being mommy’s helper. It was so nice holding sweet snuggly babies all day.
  • When we got back, Match was awake and helped out with a feeding. Now isn’t this just a precious sight? He’s a total natural.

So what’s new with you? Are you taking advantage of that beautiful sunshine and getting out of the house too?




    Those endorphins that “kick-in” … mine are broke.
    They make me clean and do yard work. Which is not fun. I don’t have fun giddy endorphins… RATS!

    Seriously Shawn

    I love running but sadly my leg hates it! Damned blood clots.

    Honestly, I hate yard work, always have. I prefer to stay poolside or inside.

    Thanks for linking up and keep up the hard work, it’s working, you sounds wonderful!

    Connie Weiss

    I’d love to feel those endorphins that you speak of. 🙂

    I used to love pulling weeds as a stress reliever!


    Good for you for running! It DOES feel good, right? Even if it hurts. ):


    Can’t say I’ve ever felt good after running. It’s so not my thing, but awesome for you.
    We have been getting out and doing yard stuff. We have so much still to do.

    Impulsive Addict

    I’ll take your word for it that yard work is therapeutic. I kill everything that I touch! I’m not even lying. And weeds? They hate me. They make me say bad words.

    I’m happy to see you blogging this week! =)

    Twins are soooo much work for the first 3 years but then they get easy. I hope you have twins!


    Way to go on getting back out on the pavement! I need to do that too – just walking for me, to start anyways, but that’s my goal for this week!!

    ha! I was proud of myself for cutting grass too – I’m still not perfect at it, but I’ve learned I actually really enjoy doing it 🙂


    Our “nice weather” has already passed, its been over 100 most days here (around 105 actually…), but we’ve been spending a lot of time outside anyway! Just about pool weather…if the pool would warm up enough!

    Those pictures of the SERT team members are definitely motivating! I need some motivation, I’ve allowed myself to get so out of shape, and I have no excuses for it other than laziness. Oops.

    Sarah Kate

    Good for you for getting out there and running!!! It is incredible how much good it does! Mentally and physically!! You’re gonna have that hottie body back in no time! ;o)

    That SERT stuff looks really cool! I’d love to compete in something like that. I’m sure I’d come in dead last against those cops, but it’d be fun to try!


    What a cute picture! I need to pull weeds but instead we’ve been going on walks. She loves them.

    Stacy Uncorked

    Running and I have never gotten along. Though I would love to feel that endorphin kick. 😉

    Watching the SERT guys would have been fun!

    I love that you tackled the yard work and used the mower even though you’ve never operated a mower before – you rock!! 🙂

    Field Trip Fun-ish, Future Nagging Guest Blogger, Angry Birds Take On Stonehenge


    Good for you! It’s been raining here again, but a week ago it was beautiful and we loved it! 🙂


    i’m glad that you are doing well. i need to get back to the gymmie now that my life is settling down. i could go for a dose of the endorphin kick–big time. thank you for motivating me!


    I really admire your courage!!!

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