The Rest of Our Trip

[Crabs from the beach ask the Rangers for help finding their missing shells]
Gadget: I’m sure that if we can find their missing shells they’d be much less crabby. I mean, still crabs, but not so crab-like. Well, wait! Still crab-like, since they are crabs, after all…
Monty: Gadget luv, drop it. –Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

The rest of our trip in Oregon was spent outside.

 I ran into an old friend I grew up with, and her daughter. Her daughter was the first child I’ve interacted with since Roo passed. I thought it would be hard but it wasn’t. It was so good to be around kids again. I love her little pigtails and her impish grin.

My friend and I had a nice visit over coffee. She’s a nurse and she gets how hard this was for us to go through. We went for a walk in old town, where we ran into another classmate, whose daughter has leukemia. Talk about putting life into perspective. She gave me a huge hug and told me that everything happens for a reason, even if we have no clue what that could possibly be.

After our visit I headed back to the docks where I watched Match catch some crabs, and yes I giggled when I wrote that. We had a feast when we got home! I wish we lived closer to where we could go crabbing on a regular basis. The food is yummy and it’s exciting to pull them up.

I said I would mention something about my mother and our visit. It was just hard being around each other this time. I think it was because we were both grieving, and also because she isn’t sure how to respond to it all. She wanted to fix me, but I’m not broken. I’m sad, but I’m not wallowing. We just do better on the phone, where we can talk, and I can roll my eyes without wearing my progressive glasses when she drives me crazy. 😉



    I’m glad you were able to re-connect with old friends and have a good time on your trip!

    Your relationship with your mother sounds an awful lot like mine…but I roll my eyes when she drives me crazy, even when we’re not on the phone. 😉


    Sounds like it was a nice trip, and you’re making me miss the ocean! Haven’t been to CA to the beach in so long (was born there), and never been to OR but it looks gorgeous!

    And mmmmm crabs…the kind you eat anyway!


    ” She wanted to fix me, but I’m not broken “.
    I LOVE that!! I felt like that so many times. Nothing is worse than being around people who want to fix you instead of love and support you!!

    Impulsive Addict

    I’m glad your visit home was good and you were able to see some old friends. I have a friend who had a 9 month old diagnosed with eye cancer. Emma was 3 months at the time. It put things in perspective for me too. She’s now almost 3 and cancer free!
    You said Match caught crabs. Hehehhehhehehehe!!!



    Oh how I love to roll my eyes when I’m on the phone with my mom. Even if she doesn’t know what to say, I’m glad she’s there for you.

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