Show Us Your Find-Roo’s Necklace

My girlfriend Couple Wife gave me this gift in honor of Roo. It was so perfect, because I had been trying to come up with something I could wear. A necklace, a ring, something that would be a way to carry her with me every day.

The necklaces are made by Michaela Hagenow from who went through a similar situation. She channeled her energy into making these keepsakes to help others honor their angel babies. I absolutely love it and I wear it every day. It even has a clear bead to represent her diamond birthstone. It was such a thoughtful gift and a perfect way to keep Roo close to my heart always.



    It’s beautiful, and she will always be in your Heart <3


    It is beautiful, and so very sweet of your friend to get that for you.


    that is a very sweet idea. Love it.


    That is beautiful! And yes perfect


    Love this necklace so very much!

    Meghan Furst

    What a terrific way to re-channel the memory of a lost one. This is so perfect.


    What a beautiful reminder of little Roo! She must be a great friend.

    Love it!



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