Friends’ Houses

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

I love home schooling my kids, but it is really getting challenging now that they are on such different levels. My oldest child is really reading now and getting into more difficult math that he seems to need my help with more. I struggle with meeting both of their needs all of the time. I just went to to sign up. I think it will help to be able to turn a show on for the little kids, while I work with my oldest and get him going really well on his work. Then I will be able to fully focus on the little kids while he is working away. I have heard that they have some really educational shows on TV now too. I know my little kids will love that because every time we go to a friends house that has TV, they are just glued to the TV and don’t even play with their friends. Maybe now if we have it at home they will be more used to it and not be so antisocial when we go over to friends’ houses!

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