April Photo Challenge: Days 4-6

Candace: Well, I can lift heavy objects, and I can levitate, and…and I can’t see my reflection in the mirror.
Ferb: Sounds like a vampire to me.Phineas and Ferb

I’m sticking with the April Challenge so far. Some of these are downright funny to me.

#4. my reflection:

It is so hard to take a serious picture when it looks like you just swallowed a basketball. Also I looked a hot mess because I had just woken up and was headed to the doctor for my Rhogam shot. Fun Fun!

Here’s a slightly more serious photo. I’m so amazed by how much my belly has popped! I feel a little silly about the camera being in the photo, but how else do I get my reflection without it?

#5. my favorite shoes:

Don’t laugh, but these are my absolute favorite shoes. They’re comfy, and I wear them all over the place. And yes, those are inserts for my poor little messed up feet. I wear them in every shoe I can!

#6. my morning

Lately it’s been so nice and sunny. I’ve been spending my mornings outside with my cereal, my ipad, and my pup. I may not be able to walk him right now, but I can still enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!