Show Us Your Find-How I Stay Organized

Monica: We need to sort through the tickets as quickly as possible to see if we won. Does anybody have any ideas how to organize this? [abruptly] How about this – we divide them into six groups of forty, and the remaining ten can be read by whoever finishes their pile first.
Rachel: [raising her hand] I have another idea!
Monica: Sorry, idea time is over!-Friends

This is a find I’ve been meaning to share with you all for quite awhile. Back in January I was figuring out how to update my dry erase calendar. I hated the layout, and I didn’t have enough room for all my notes. Then I looked on pinterest and saw some great ideas for DIY dry erase boards like these:

All you need is a frame with glass (plastic will not work) and a large piece of white paper to get started. Now mine isn’t as pretty or fancy, but it works really well for us. I like that every month I can change up the color of the month, and add little drawings depending on the season. Click on the picture to see a larger view.

With my calendar, I picked green for Match’s appointments, and red for mine. Blue is for both, and purple is for holidays. I hung it up in the entry way, right where we grab our keys before leaving the house. I love that Match actually uses the calendar. It keeps us completely organized and it makes my little Virgo heart go pitter patter. 🙂

How do you keep your family organized?



    I love this idea!


    gosh, I have calendars all over the place, and note books scattered around and I feel like a zombie– this would probably be the ticket for us!! Great post and you’ll need this when Roo gets here for sure and when you have to schedule parties and activities!! WHOA NELLIE! HAH!

    Emmy Mom

    That is a great idea! Love it

    Meghan Furst

    Dang!! I wished that I had thought of this when I was raising my family. What an awesome idea. I darn near went crazy keeping everyone’s schedule straight.


    I love anything that will keep me more organized!


    So the actual squares and all are dry erase? Brilliant.


    Great idea! I totally need to do something like this myself. I feel like there are far too many days when I leave the apartment without any clue about what’s ahead. Is that an Aries thing?! I have no idea. But now I am longing for some organization in my life 🙂

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