Learning Guitar for Roo

Now that Roo’s little earbones are starting to develop, I keep thinking of my abandoned hobby: learning to play the guitar. Match and I bought two guitars on a whim, and started practicing. Then one day we just stopped and never picked it up again. I think it would be so amazing to learn to play guitar so I could play songs and sing for my little Roo.

I started browsing the Fender website, and I found all sorts of things I should get to go with my guitar. First and foremost would be a book on how to actually play the guitar. I also need a tuner, because the one attached to my guitar doesn’t work that well. I couldn’t help admiring the ukuleles. I love the sound they make when played correctly. I always think of the song Over the Rainbow as redone by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole and how much I would love to play that. I daydream about how easily my little Roo would fall asleep to that sound; maybe even magically stop crying. Better yet, maybe one day become a gifted guitarist themselves. So I think I may start doing a little practicing. Even if all I learn is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” I’ll be thrilled!

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    Oh, this is just the sweetest. I can’t think of anything better than lulling your children to sleep with your own music, and the ukelele is perfect for babies. It has such a soothing tone (and that song in particular is one of my favs, and so beautiful!).

    If you have the chance, check out an album called “not for kids only.” It’s by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman and is my go-to album for all parents-to-be. It’s mostly folk songs that they love as much as their children!

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