Baby Roo and foot rubs

Marshall: Listen, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said yesterday on how we all are going to die.
Cootes: Oh, I’m not gonna die. I’ve bought a mine shaft in Colorado. I spent the past six months stocking it with canned goods, assault rifles, and all five seasons of Friday Night Lights.
Marshall: First of all, you can skip season 2. Second of all, after our talk, I came pretty close to giving up myself, but then I went to the doctor with my wife, and I saw this. [shows Garrison ultrasound footage on laptop]Cootes: Boy or girl?
Marshall: I don’t know, but I know I sure as hell can’t give up now. So if you’re looking for someone to hold one end of the limbo stick, you got the wrong guy. You know why?
Cootes: ‘Cause you’re three feet taller than everyone in this office?
Marshall: No because if I’m going to work here, then first thing tomorrow, I’m going down to Gruber Pharmaceuticals and rejecting our offer – even if I have to do it myself. –How I Met Your Mother

Last Monday Match said, “I want to do something for you.” So he had me sit down in his comfy man chair, pulled up a stool, and proceeded to give me the most amazing foot rub. A girl could get used to this!

Then that Tuesday we got to see our little Roo. To say that Roo put on a show for us would be putting it mildly. It started off with Roo being in a full on head stand, then a little bit of wiggling, and some feet fluttering. Then Roo do some quick jabs, just like a little boxer. We were cracking up from our little baby’s antics. After awhile Roo started to do spins and kicking legs wildly, followed by fist pumps. It was as if the little one was rocking out to the beat. Match grabbed my hand and we both just sat there mesmerized. The ultrasound was over far too quickly for us, but the tech did give us pictures as a keep sake. I just wish we could have taken video, because it truly was amazing.

Unfortunately the tech refused to even venture a guess at the gender. I knew it was super early, but Walking Couple got our hopes up when they said the tech told them at their 12 week NT scan. The tech did say that I’m 13 weeks, 4 days, just as I thought I was, and contrary to what the jerkface OB thought I was. Yay!

This past Wednesday I had my doctor’s visit with my new OBGYN, and she is wonderful! I’m so happy I switched doctors. She also took me off pelvic rest and said everything looks great. HURRAY! Just in time for vacation, which we are headed for today! We also made our appointment for our anatomy scan next month. We officially find out if Roo is a little boy or a little girl on April 20th. I am so excited!!



    love it! i’m so happy for you

    Hannah Hermosa

    Hi! I just started my own Single Girls blog in hopes that it will end in me blogging about my own ultrasound one day! Found your blog as I put in a Google Search for the Carrie Bradshaw quote about not settling for anything less than butterflies for my blog’s FB page and was directed to your post about it.

    I’m excited to read up on your blog – it looks like one I’d really love! And bonus – I know a happy ending is coming!

    Congrats on the fetus! 😉


    I don’t know how Walking Couple could tell at 12 weeks..that’ defies science! LOL
    What a cute little fist pump!


    We found out at 14 weeks also but maybe it’s better this way. My friends thought they were having a girl and found out they were having a boy 4 weeks later.

    Love those pictures- this is so exciting!

    Brittany E.

    Aww that was so sweet of match to give you a foot rub! Although I can’t stand having people touch my feet so I would die, but maybe when I’m pregnant I will feel differently?

    That was so cute about Roo. BTW, I really think it is a boy! It is just a guess, but hey I have a 50/50 shot at being right!

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