Show Us Your Find-Pom Poms

Officer Rhodes: You know my sister was maid of honor at my cousin’s wedding and she found it so stressful her hair started falling off.
Annie: That’s terrible.
Officer Rhodes: Yeah, it grew back but it was pretty gross. –Bridesmaids

As most of you know, I’m a bridesmaid this summer for my good friend Sassy. I’ve been working on a few crafts for her bridal shower, and it’s been so much fun! Walking Buddy came over on Sunday and we had a crafting night making these awesome pom poms I found on pinterest. I figured I should share them with you in this week’s link up for Show Us Your Find brought to you by the lovely Janette at  The Johanson Journey.

Originally I was going to do teal like the picture I found on pinterest, but I struck out at every craft store I visited. No one carries teal tissue paper!

I found the step by step guide at
So instead I opted for white with teal ribbon:

I think my favorite part of this project was that it only cost $4, and I still have leftover tissue paper and ribbon. Her colors are teal and black, but since we’re doing black tablecloths, we thought these white poms with the teal ribbon would go really well. I can’t wait to hang them up at her shower! This picture doesn’t even do them justice. They’re so pretty and they were so easy to make!

I’m working on a few other crafts and as soon as I’m done I’ll be sharing them with you. What’s been your recent find? Share it with us!


    Brittany E.

    Those are so pretty! I have a feeling you are going to be one of the best bridesmaids ever! Do you have a dress yet?

    Being a bridesmaid is so fun to me! It just feels like such a special honor.


    Pretty, pretty!
    but more importantly….is Roo a boy or girl?!?!?! 🙂
    I’m dying over here…


    Gosh, I think helping in a wedding is so fun and was just thinking that I’ll probably never get to be a bridesmaid again since all my friends are married– although I do have a guy bestie who said he would let me be his best woman! hah. Pintrest has some of the best ideas and its probably good that my work has it blocked b/c I would be pinning ALLLLLLL day!!! My “crafts I want to make” board is overwhelming me since I”ve not touched them yet!
    Thank you so much for linking with me!! I hope to find more great ideas like this!! 🙂


    What a cute idea! I’m sure your friend is going to love these decorative pompoms!! Also this is giving me some good idea sfor my friend’s shower coming up in a few months. I feel completely hopeless as a bridesmaid but fun, easy crafts are a great way to go!


    One of these days I need to make some pompoms! They’re cute!


    Great job! You would probably have to dye them if you wanted teal. I had a friend that just dyed some pink for a baby shower.

    Impulsive Addict

    All you crafty people make me feel so inadequate! It looks like you’re doing a great job so far!

    Hey…I got your voicemail on Friday? Saturday? I think it was Friday night. Anyway, we were out late and then 2:00am, Emma and M were puking their guts up. That was fun. Somehow I’ve managed to stay well. I’m not sure what took over our house this weekend, but I just put M to bed and he’s feeling much better. I’m looking forward to our 80 degree weather this week and playing outside with Emma. I hope you and your friend had a fun night. We’ll have to chat soon. Love! Love! xoxo

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