Oh, you’ll start to love it, I promise, Kathy. Just think about it: Swap meets…bowling leagues…bingo…double coupon week… Casino Night at the slaughterhouse. IT’S YOUR DESTINY. –Roseanne

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means! Time to grab a cup of coffee (make it Irish for me so I can live vicariously through you) for Talk to Us Tuesday:

Earlier this month I signed up for the Seriously Impulsive Swap with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

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I’ve never participated in a swap, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was blown away with the loot I got from my swap partner Boobies! Check it out:

I was immediately excited by all the candy! I also had to slap Match’s hands a few times from trying to break open the candy while I inventoried the rest of my stuff.

Sorry I look like a hot mess. I had just taken a break from painting Roo’s mural. I was NOT photo ready.

Boobies spoiled me rotten! I got two What to Expect books, which I desperately needed. I also got the most adorable scrapbooking stickers, and stamps. You probably can’t tell from the picture but one stamp is a tiny baby foot. How cute is that? She also got Roo a lullaby cd that’s all Pearl Jam songs redone. You can’t say my kid won’t be hip. 😉 I also got a makeup and jewelry bag which has spurred me to check out jewelry deal so I can fill it up. I also got a bunch of CANDY. Yummm. Just in time too since I’ve had a crazy sweet tooth lately.

So my first ever swap was a success. Thank you thank you Boobies for the awesome loot, and thanks to IA and Shawn for hosting a fun party!


    Stacy Uncorked

    The swap was awesome, wasn’t it? So nice to be spoiled by awesome people! 🙂 You made out like a bandit! And you totally don’t look like a hot mess – more like HAWT and glowing! 😉

    Random Ponder, Seeking an Antidote for an Anecdote, Naptime Interruptus, Impulsive Swap


    OH DG!! VERY COOL!!! Those are the best books!! You really can’t go wrong with them!! I even have the WTE app on my phon e that is pretty handy! So glad you had a great swap and I cant’ wait to see this mural!! I saw Boobies post a pic of her sass a frass socks you got her on instagram and am headed over to see the rest!! XOXO!! YOu look adorable lil’ momma!


    SO COOL!
    But I have to say, it really gets me that there is a Pearl Jam lullaby cd! That rocks!


    Looks like you got some awesome stuff! I love the What to expect books. Great reference for just about any question.


    I’m so happy you like everything! I had so much fun shopping. (DUH!)

    The What To Expect books are the bible of pregnancy! I knew you had to have them!

    Seriously Shawn

    Of course Boobies sent you a Pearl Jam baby CD, she’s super cool like that!

    I’m thrilled that you let us be your first, you never forget your first ya know 😉

    Now finish that mural so I can see it!

    Impulsive Addict

    Boobies did a fantastic job (but I’m pretty sure she went over budget–as did YOU!) Rules are meant to be broken, right? lol

    She really did get you some awesome loot. A pearl jam lullaby cd??? SHUT UP! You didn’t tell me that part! I needed that when Em was a wee babe. I love them.

    Thanks for participating in your very FIRST swap and thanks for linking up with us. You know we love you long time. xoxooxoxo

    Sarah Kate

    Yay!!! You got some really good stuff!!!! That Pearl Jam baby CD sounds awesome!! I used to play 90’s rock for Lexie when she was a baby. :o)

    How have you been feeling?? Pregnancy going okay so far??


    Oh, what an awesome swap package! I’ve heard of the Pearl Jam lullaby CD. I wonder if it would be lame if I bought it even if I don’t have a baby? lol


    Aren’t swaps the best? This was only my second, but I’m already hooked! Glad you enjoyed your gift!


    Boobies rocks at sending gifts!
    I saw the sweet package you sent her, you totally nailed her likes!


    It was a DEFINITE success!!! It was serious/practical with the What to Expect books (awesome books, btw) and impulsive/fun with the candy and scrapbooking goodies! The make-up bag is cute too!! She did good! You look adorable! Aren’t swaps fun?!


    What a great package! So perfect for you right now. Glad it was a good experience.


    that is so nice! love the lullaby cd. such a good idea.

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